The Benefit of Questions for Tarot Readings

In Computer Technology, there's an acronym, "GIGO" (pronounced Guy-Go). It stands for "Garbage In, Garbage Out". It implies that bad input will result in bad output. In other words, if what a programmer puts into an operation is flawed, the result from the computer program will be unrecognizable or unworkable output, or "garbage". I bring this up because of the importance of questions in readings. There's also a significant difference of good questions vs. bad questions. Since good and bad are relative and sound judgemental, let me clarify exactly what I mean through the use of examples. When doing a reading, it's important to know what kind of reading you're getting. If have a "yes/no" ques

Happy Birthday, Gemini!

Happy Birthday, Gemini! In the wee hours of Thursday night at 3:45am Central Time, the Sun transitioned from Taurus to Gemini, the sign of the twins. Gemini (twins), the plural of Geminus (twin) are natural wordsmiths. They're known to bring fun to the world with their witty gab. They're chatty, clever, and enthusiastic. They inject their own brand of energy into any scene. In general, those born under this sign are information junkies. They can shame many under the table in with their trivia skills. Gemini are known to go with the flow, under the influence of mutable energies. They can adjust to whatever is happening around them. Enjoying variety, they can move from conversation to conversa

Pizza! Pizza!

At the end of a busy day today came a delayed dinner. I enjoy cooking but I wasn't really sure what I should make. Then a friend called to chat. While chatting, I was shuffling a pack of Tarot cards in my hand and though fully listening to my friend, I was also well aware of my tummy growling. Largely ignoring it, I continued with my shuffling and figured I would heat up some left overs for dinner. Truth be told, I wasn't really looking forward to that, but I was getting hungry (and lazy) enough to be satisfied with that. Then 2 cards popped out while I was shuffling and landed in my lap. One was the Page of Cups, which I largely ignored because the other card was the Wheel of Fortune and al

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist. She passed away in 1954 in her 40s. She was married to another famous artist, Diego Rivera. The New York Times wrote up an article about her this week. "In a welcome though unexpected convergence, an array of new books and exhibitions about Kahlo have suddenly appeared this spring, adding insight and depth to our understanding of a woman who would seem among the most overexposed artistic figures of all time." If only the reporter checked with an astrologer first, he would have realized that there is nothing unexpected about it. Hmm, "unexpected" and "suddenly" are keywords for (drum roll...) you guessed it: Uranus. And what other planet to speak past death b



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