How Your Love Life Will Change In 2019 For Better Or Worse, Based On Your Sign

If you've already ordered your gym membership, cleaned out your closet, or engaged in whatever other New Year's rituals feel right for you, speculating about how your love life will change in 2019 may be the next thing on your "Before the Ball Drops" to-do list. Like any good millennial, I find the answers are often written in the stars, and by that I mean the star-charts. I reached out to Astrologer, Cindy Mckean about what love will look like in 2019 for each sign — the good, the bad, and the they seemed cuter on Tinder. Of course, astrology isn't an end all be all, and your love life may blossom and bloom in ways no one or no planet lineup could have predicted. (Have you seenNick Jonas' w



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