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Cindy is available by appointment only. Please use the online scheduler to find and book a time for the reading(s) of your choice. To learn more about the types of readings, click on any of the boxes below.


All readings are conducted by phone or Skype. 


Interested in optimizing your phone or video reading? Check out these tips.

Simple: the same way it works when I get questions about other people (with no exaggeration, around 90% of my clients ask about people other than themselves!) Very often I get questions like, "Is my ex-boyfriend happy with his new girlfriend?" or "Is my daughter/son/relative going to be okay?" Now, if you have no problem asking about another person that I've never met, seen, or heard, you certainly should have no problem getting a reading done by phone or video whether it be solely about you or someone else.


When I do a reading, I do not read your personal energy, nor do I read your mind, I read the messages about you from the ethers. We do not have to be in the same room to connect, or even be able to see each other. I don't tune into your energy, nor can I do a Vulcan mind meld. I tune into the ethers like a radio tunes into a certain frequency. All we need is your permission to the ethers to read about you or other people's information that pertains to you. It won't matter if one of us is in Timbuktu and the other is in Antarctica. 


So long you're open to the truth and honest with the information you want to receive, you'll get an honest reply from the ethers by a phone, Skype, or even an email reading. Just check a few client reviews


I invite you to explore this website. Also, find out more about what to expect during your reading and tips on how to get the the most out of your reading.

Wondering how readings work when we're not in the same room?

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