Ferguson, MO: Outrage in the Air

A grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri decided not to indict Darren Wilson, 28, a police officer who shot 6 bullets into Mike Brown, 18, after a provocative encounter. Mike Brown, who was unarmed by witness accounts, died. The initial fatal encounter on August 9th, 2014 sparked outrage. Protesters in Ferguson roamed the streets to voice how racism has taken over the law. Tensions rose and the police arming up with tanks didn't help matters. Nevertheless, quietness was reached as the trial set in. Residents of Ferguson and Brown supporters were hopeful. The grand jury's decision was announced at 7:25pm CT on November 24, 2014. After looking at the chart for that event time, you'll see planets tha

Cosby, Cocktails, and Scandal

In the mundane chart, the Sun and Saturn were conjunct Tuesday (Nov. 18, 2014) while the Sun was still in trine with Chiron. And this is when Janice Dickinson came out and shared her ordeal to add to the dozens of women who have accused Bill Cosby or rape. Of all the women so far who spoke out, Janice, got the most attention. Even though her ordeal was shared in a cold and somewhat restricted manner (she couldn't remember anything - and she shared that she wasn't allowed to say anything before), she nonetheless wanted to lend a helping hand, and a healing outlet, if possible, for victims of sexual assault, esp. those of Bill Cosby's. Interestingly, one of the T-squares in Janice's chart (Sun



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