Singing Ritual on Winter Solstice

The exact moment of the Winter Solstice in th Northern hemisphere is at 5:03PM CST today. Today is the shortest day of the year - and the longest night. Welcome, Winter Solstice 2014! Where the sun seems to stop in place, and is at it's lowest point of the year at the 270° point on the wheel of the zodiac. Today is also known as the Yule or Julblot - the Winter Rite. It is a time when pagans would sing in sorrow and joy for the "death" of the Sun but with hope for it's subsequent rising again. After tonight, the sun will begin its way towards 0° , reached at the Spring Equinox. The days continue to become longer until the Summer Solstice in the latter part of July. The Sun enters the zodiac

Synchronicity Hits!

I decided to include writing about Tarot in this blog. I wasn't sure where to start. A card a week, a month... Or should I write about its history, Tarot in present day, Tarot as it evolved... So many questions, no direction! I decided to pull my deck out and pick a card to get guidance. Who wudda thunk it? I picked The Fool, upright. And what better timing than when the Moon is Void of course in Aries. There he stands with his dog, trying to stop him, just as the event taking place in the sky as I write this is the Moon being challenged by action hero Mars in plan-making lover, Capricorn. Blending the sky with the card, I'm being told to stop worrying, stop planning and just go with the flo



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