More on Living on a Pluto Line

Not to long ago I wrote about how it is like to live on a Pluto line. You can find that post here: Living With Pluto. In summary, I wrote about how it's like living on a Pluto/IC line and a Pluto/Asc line. It involved law enforcement, lies, poo slung at my house, garbage thrown on my property, surveillance, sinkholes... Then it was all over. Our neighbor was evicted and we had a couple weeks with no neighbor. Our new neighbor is great; we were relieved. Things were peachy until... Until one day I we woke up to a rumbling noise, vroom-vroom, crush. There were tractors on the opposite side of our house digging into the ground, raping the Earth. Pluto rules the underground, caves, going beneath

Coincidence or Astrology?

There is an intriguing emotional synastry between Woodrow Wilson and Leonardo Di Caprio. Ironically, it was announced that DiCaprio would star in a biographical movie about Wilson. That was back in September 2013 but the script is still in development. Nonetheless, I expect it to roll out by 2017, a better time astrologically for DiCaprio, even though 2015 is a better year for Wilson. It's relatively a long time to develop a movie but it melds well with DiCaprio's transits (didn't you know - even Hollywood uses astrology.) In DiCaprio's chart, his moon (emotions) is 15 Libra (balance/fairness). The Uranus/Pluto square (which was about 1 degree of his moon) and the last 2 lunar eclipses at 14



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