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The Value of Combined Readings.

How to choose which reading(s) are right for your situation.

Sometimes it could feel overwhelming or confusing to know what kind of reading is right for your situation. Here, I'll discuss how what you want to know determines what kind of reading to get and the value of combined readings. I'll start with the latter.


Just like the layered map diagram on this page is richer with every level of detail added to the map, combined readings are more powerful than a single-tool reading because it offers more dimension to your situation. Whatever your situation is, you look at it from where you're standing.


Let's turn your situation into a room. You enter the room through it's main entrance and you see what you see from where you're standing. Though things may be clear to you, your perspective of the room's layout will be as accurate as what you can see. It might not include things that are 

obstructed by a piece of furniture or a column, unclear or not noticed because of shadows or a lack of light, or even your mindset (your expectations) may only allow you to see and register what are familiar to you, for example. 


So you seek a reading to get a better picture of the room (your situation). The reading (be it Palmistry, Tarot, Astrology, or Dowsing) comes in and provides a birds-eye view of the room. A piece of furniture or an item that was obstructed or appeared as something else from where you stood at the point of entrance is very clear in a reading, esp. if it's relevant to circumstances that will play a part in your situation. A reading might also reveal the size (i.e. how epic an impact might be to you), the placement (i.e. the source of where something may play a role in your situation), and how good or bad it is in the room (i.e. are items in your favor or not), among other things.


With this birds-eye view, some readings are better than others. Why? Simply because readings are like tools or instruments and they are designed to work in different ways for different goals.


Let me elaborate on what I mean about tools/instruments. If you were tasked with dividing a plank of wood into 2 pieces and you had a limited set of tools to choose from, you'll likely choose the tool that could do the job best. You can divide it using a hammer, but a hammer wouldn't do as good a job as a saw. Though possible, good luck dividing the plank in half with a screwdriver! And who knows if anyone can divide a plank of wood into two using only pliers...


This analogy applies to readings. If, for instance, you have a "Yes/No" question, a question where you want to know if an outcome will be or not, it could be answered with Tarot or Astrology, but a pendulum reading (dowsing) will give a more black-and-white response. 


Combining different readings will also give you a broader picture of a situation. Say you want to know if you will own a home. Not only can an astrology reading address that, but provide insight as to whether or not owning a home is important to you or not. Where some might see it as security, other's see it as an albatross around one's neck. Add a palmistry reading into that - the palm reading might not show if you will buy a home, but it will show if you'll have a life-changing event, a rough timing of it, and if the event puts you in a better or worse life placement. If the timing on your hands syncs with the timing in the astrology reading, then another layer of how things will unfold is added to the outcome. 


If a tarot reading is done to know more about whether or not you will own your own home, the tarot reading will give detailed insight into the process leading up to you owning your own home or not. Things like negotiations, price, divine intervention, and rivals all can be uncovered through the tarot that otherwise wouldn't be as clear or apparent at all in a palm, pendulum, or astrology reading. The tarot can reveal answers to questions you didn't think of asking that are relevant to the situation.


At the end of the combined reading, you will have a rich and detailed picture of what to expect, why the circumstances result in that outcome, how to get there, ways to overcome any obstacles, whether or not you'll be happy with what you get, and if what you get is good for you afterall.


When choosing what kind of reading to get, keep in mind what you'd like to know and that will help you determine what kind(s) of reading to choose. 


Still confused? Are you curious to know more about your situation, what to expect in the future, or how the past is affecting your present? Contact me and we'll discuss what reading is best for you at no charge, of course.

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