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Frida Kahlo

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist. She passed away in 1954 in her 40s. She was married to another famous artist, Diego Rivera.

The New York Times wrote up an article about her this week. "In a welcome though unexpected convergence, an array of new books and exhibitions about Kahlo have suddenly appeared this spring, adding insight and depth to our understanding of a woman who would seem among the most overexposed artistic figures of all time."

If only the reporter checked with an astrologer first, he would have realized that there is nothing unexpected about it.

Hmm, "unexpected" and "suddenly" are keywords for (drum roll...) you guessed it: Uranus. And what other planet to speak past death but Pluto.

Her natal Neptune, Sun, and Jupiter are in Cancer (12, 13, and 20 degrees) and they are all opposing her Mars and Uranus. For the past 2 years those planets have been transited by Pluto and Uranus. In fact, Uranus will soon square her Jupiter - meaning windfall, expanded fortune, fame). In Frida's "life", this translates to an exhibition opening for her work.

She has a Leo Ascendant squaring her Scorpio Midheaven (23 degrees), and those have been transited by Sun and Mars. Jupiter will also make aspects to her Ascendant and Midheaven in July - shining light on her work and expanding her art and life. So, for a woman as "overexposed" as the journalist put, it's really all written in the sky!

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