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Happy Birthday, Gemini!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Happy Birthday, Gemini!

In the wee hours of Thursday night at 3:45am Central Time, the Sun transitioned from Taurus to Gemini, the sign of the twins.

Gemini (twins), the plural of Geminus (twin) are natural wordsmiths. They're known to bring fun to the world with their witty gab. They're chatty, clever, and enthusiastic. They inject their own brand of energy into any scene.

In general, those born under this sign are information junkies. They can shame many under the table in with their trivia skills.

Gemini are known to go with the flow, under the influence of mutable energies. They can adjust to whatever is happening around them. Enjoying variety, they can move from conversation to conversation in different situations with the ease of a butterfly floating from flower to flower. This adaptability and their innate curiosity about everything can sometimes make it challenging for them to stay anywhere for long. Variety and intellectual stimulation is their nectar.

Gemini are ruled by Mercury, the Roman messenger God and are an Air sign. This makes them natural communicators. Just like Mercury (Hermes in Greek mythology) they are nimble.

Being twins, there's a dualistic quality to them. With that, they can easily see both sides of an issue - even multiple sides. They are super at multi-tasking and Funny, witty, flexible, what's there not to like?

You will probably notice that your Geminian friends are networkers. They love to blog, tweet, write, and communicate their magical experiences. When they jump to finish your sentences, they don't mean to be rude, it's really a form of Geminian affection.

Gemini love to be connected and easily take to new technology. They have an intuition on which buttons to press and gadgets to use. They are the ones who can manage their smartphones while typing away on their computers and holding a conversation. No doubt their smartphones have cameras too, for they love photography, well aware that a picture's worth a thousand words.

Go ahead and wish your favorite Gemini a Happy Birthday!

For all of us, when the Sun is in Gemini
(May 21-June 21)

This is a super time The Gemini Sun comes a few days after the New Moon in Taurus, a perfect springboard for new starts. This is a great time to get out, travel, learn new things, exercise your curiosity, and catch up with friends. Keep in mind that this Gemini period starts with Mercury Retrograde (May 18 - June 12). Be sure to review every step before you take it or it might result in double dollops with the retrograde in it's own sign. It's an energy that Gemini aren't immune to but they can roll easier than most other signs with the delays, reviews, miscommunications, and travel snafus.

Still, when Sun is in Gemini for the next month, conditions are favorable for learning, reviewing material, and studying of all kinds. That's good news for students with finals are often in May and early June.

Gemini are very social, so throwing a neighborhood get together this Labor Day Weekend will be right up their alley. Expand your skills, meet new people, mingle, and enjoy having stimulating conversations.

Enjoy the spring wrap up in Gemini!


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