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Pizza! Pizza!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

At the end of a busy day today came a delayed dinner. I enjoy cooking but I wasn't really sure what I should make. Then a friend called to chat. While chatting, I was shuffling a pack of Tarot cards in my hand and though fully listening to my friend, I was also well aware of my tummy growling.

Largely ignoring it, I continued with my shuffling and figured I would heat up some left overs for dinner. Truth be told, I wasn't really looking forward to that, but I was getting hungry (and lazy) enough to be satisfied with that.

Then 2 cards popped out while I was shuffling and landed in my lap. One was the Page of Cups, which I largely ignored because the other card was the Wheel of Fortune and all I could see was PIZZA!

There it was, right in the center of the Wheel of Fortune card, a large pie cut up into generous slices with interesting toppings (I swear I could see pepperoni). I wondered if I had a frozen pizza in the fridge when I realized something else: all the winged creatures around the pizza and some red dude carrying the pizza (I mean Wheel) on his back...DELIVERY!

Driven by hunger and what I thought was kismet, I ordered my pizza online. How fortunate was this though: I found I had enough points for a FREE pizza - woo hoo! I also ordered a bottle of Sierra Mist.

Usually when I order from this particular pizza place, there's often a glitch that switches the drink order from whatever I order to regular Pepsi. So I diligently followed up on the order when I saw the receipt in my email. Surely enough, it said Sierra Mist. Great.

When the delivery came, I was downstairs so my husband answered the door. When I got back upstairs, I found 2 pizza boxes in the kitchen. Hmmm, I ordered one.

Turns out that the delivery person made a mistake. He accidentally gave us an extra pizza. Why did he make this mistake? Because they ran out of Sierra Mist (hah!) The pizzeria didn't realize this until the pizza was ready so it was too late to call so the delivery person stopped at a gas station to get a bottle. Only they didn't have any at the gas station, so he bought a case of 7-up instead. And to me that was super because I really only wanted a serving of soda. (The bottle would have remained mostly full for a week till my next serving only to find it would be flat... so goodie that I got cans!)

The pizzeria said we could keep the extra pizza, no charge.

So holy cow...I mean pizza. See it like this:

Wheel of Fortune = Pizza...a free pizza!

Page of Cups = "Upgraded" drink

Wheel of Fortune + Page of Cups = Another free pizza.

See, the Wheel of Fortune is pretty self-explanatory. The stars line up and end up in your favor... Generally, things are going to be good when you get this card in a reading.

Page of Cups is a young man with a fish in his cup. This is a young man who is able to dip his cup in the ocean and come up with a fish. Not many of us can do that. It's almost like the ability to create something out of nothing.

Combine the power of the Page of Cups with the added blessings of a Wheel of Fortune and follow the nudge from the universe and your intuition and you get a free pizza, another surprise free pizza, and the kind of drink you want.

Ok, ok, ok... not strictly a rule. If I pulled these cards up for a reading for you, I would not say, "I see 2 free pizzas and the drink you want in your future." I'd let you know that things are going to not only turn out ok...they will turn out better than you hoped. Part of that would be due to the universe blessing you (major arcana of Wheel of Fortune), the other part would be a role you (or someone involved in the situation) played (the pip, Page of Cups).

The next time you're hungry, give me a call. Nix that.

How about the next time you have a decision to make, or want to get clarification about a situation you're in, give me a call and book a Tarot reading at Kansas City Astrology & Tarot. Don't let the name throw you off, I do Tarot readings in Overland Park, KS and the surrounding areas too!


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