The Best Masturbation Move For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign: Your next orgasm is written in th

In today's edition of "why not?" things you should consult your horoscope about: the masturbation move that works best for you. Are you the adventurous type-someone who 10/10 would get down with yourself in a semi-public situation? Or would you prefer aquatic enhancements--maybe a detachable shower head or some sneaky bathtub solo play? Let the stars be your guide. "Aries is rather adventurous, they're assertive, they're fiery," says Cindy Mckean of Kansas City Astrology [sic]. They're always competing--even with themselves. So try timing yourself while you masturbate and racing against your own clock to see if you can beat your best time. Earthy and sensual, Tauruses love to "indulge in the

9 Common Mercury Retrograde Myths That Simply Aren’t True, According To Astrologists

At this point, you've almost definitely heard someone in your life complain about Mercury retrograde. The astrological phenomenon happens about three times every year, and it's about to begin for the second time in 2018 on Thursday, July 26. As we move into another retrograde period, you're going to hear people people complain about it even more — but do you know what's actually going on? A lot of people don't know all of the facts, leading to common Mercury retrograde myths that can give us the wrong idea of what to expect. During retrograde, the planet Mercury slows down, and Earth begins to move faster. This makes it look like Mercury is moving backwards - and it seems like it is, too, be

How To Avoid Common Fights During Mercury Retrograde Summer 2018

Buckle up, because you may be in for a bumpy ride: on Thursday, July 26, we'll be entering the second Mercury retrograde of 2018, and it's going to last until August 19. When Mercury goes retrograde, this phenomenon can lead to a whole lot of confusion here on planet Earth. Mercury rules communication, travel, and social interactions, and when the planet is a little out of whack, all of these things can be affected. During Mercury retrograde, you're more likely to feel confusion, tension, and deal with miscommunications. It could be a volatile time for some people, which is why you'll want to know how to avoid common fights that happen during Mercury retrograde. After all, you don't need to

How The July 2018 Blood Moon Will Affect Your Love Life, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

On Friday July 27, the longest lunar eclipse of the century is set to take place. Also known as a "blood moon", because the shadow the Earth casts on the moon making it appear red in color, it's bound to be a spectacular event, with people already predicting the end of the world, because of course. Although the almost-two-hour long total lunar eclipse will only be visible in parts of Africa, the Middle East, southern Asia, Australia, and part of Europe (mostly Eastern Europe) that doesn't mean the blood moon's effects won't be felt all over the world. While lunar eclipses happen about twice a year, what makes this one so extraordinary is the duration of the eclipse and the color of the moon,

How Mercury Retrograde Summer 2018 Affect Your Love Life

Who's ready for another round of Mercury retrograde? No one? While that might be the case, there's no stopping the second Mercury retrograde of 2018 that starts on July 26 and hangs around until August 19. It won't last the rest of summer, but it'll definitely suck up a good sized chunk of the rest of the summer. "Mercury represents how we communicate, process information, thoughts, travel, and interact with people we encounter," Astrologer and psychic, Cindy Mckean, tells Bustle. It also gives us a chance to blame everything on Mercury retrograde, too. Late to work? Mercury retrograde. Excessive arguments with your partner? Mercury retrograde. Fall down an abandoned well and break your ankl

The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Are Least Likely To Change For Relationships

Whether you openly admit it or not, many of us go into a new relationship with a set of expectations. But one thing you can't ever really expect to have is a partner who will willingly change for the relationship. If you happen to be dating a fixed sign, astrologer Cindy Mckean tells Bustle, change may not be in the cards. Expecting them to be more adaptable might be quite the challenge. "When love is in the air, many of us are willing to go to great lengths to make our partners happy," Mckean says. "But sometimes we run into a partner that isn't willing to change for the relationship. To them, love is about not asking a person to change for the relationship." And there is something that can

8 Signs The Universe Sends When Your Partner Is Not "The One"

It might be safe to say that even the biggest skeptics out there believe, at least a little bit, in "The One;" you know, that your perfect match, the yin to your yang, your — dare I say it? — soulmate. In fact, a 2017 poll by Monmouth University Polling Institute, found that two-thirds of Americans believe that, yes, soulmates exist and there really is only one person for each of us. Whether or not you believe in "The One", you probably believe that there are people out there who just aren't right for you, too. "Sometimes the universe sends hints, messages, and signs that the person you're with isn't 'The One' for you," Astrologer and Psychic, Cindy Mckean, tells Bustle. "While some of those

The 4 Most Emotionally Available Zodiac Signs

Emotional availability doesn't mean constantly wearing your heart on your sleeve. Instead, learning how to be emotionally available is about opening up to the possibility of emotional intimacy. And for some people, this comes naturally. When you meet, and perhaps even fall in love with, someone who is emotionally available, it's pretty easy to tell. The honesty and the communication is clear, and the person who you're getting to know is confident in themselves, even with their flaws. Your new partner, or friend, likely won't come home from work with a cloud over their head and just let their bad feelings simmer. An emotionally available person will be clear with you about their feelings and



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