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Feel free to peruse various video and audio.

These are a variety of guest appearances on TV, Radio, and sample reading videos.

On Thursday, February 2, 2023, I was featured in a story on FOX 4 News on Super Bowl Superstitions. I'm about 1:49 in. The whole video is posted because Kansas City Chief fans are awesome.

"'Dear God' How Kansas Citians Use Spirituality To Ease Pandemic Stress (Audio)

This episode aired on Kansas City's PBS affiliate #TheFilter on April 29, 2020. Audio was trimmed to my appearance. The full episode is available at:


Thank you! (Video)

You made my business special with all your positive reviews!

Sample Tarot Reading (Video)

I promise your audio will be much better than this recording!

Star Crossed Workouts (Video)

As featured on Kansas City's CBS affiliate station, KCTV-5.

Astrology Reading (Audio)

Reading for radio host Travis Shortt. (Starts at 1h:42m:08s.)

Mystic Moon Café August 2017


Cindy discusses the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse.

Mystic Moon Café November '17


Hurricane Maria, Planet X AstroMapping (starts at 36:20).


Mystic Moon Café January '18


Astrological predictions 2018. Warning: explicit language.

Interview with Neil HaleyCindy Mckean

Want to listen through Neil Haley's show instead? Click here.

The Neil Haley Show


July/August 2018 interview with Neil Haley about astrology.

AstroloGeeks (TM) 


Official commercial. Cutting edge astrology software.


Published Articles:

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slooowly (very sloooowly - like grass grows faster in winter slowly) catching up and posting articles.

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Slowly but surely catching up.

November & December articles will trickle in.

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How You Show Your Dark Side, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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