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The Benefit of Questions for Tarot Readings

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

You reap what you sow

In Computer Technology, there's an acronym, "GIGO" (pronounced Guy-Go). It stands for "Garbage In, Garbage Out". It implies that bad input will result in bad output.

In other words, if what a programmer puts into an operation is flawed, the result from the computer program will be unrecognizable or unworkable output, or "garbage".

I bring this up because of the importance of questions in readings. There's also a significant difference of good questions vs. bad questions.

Since good and bad are relative and sound judgemental, let me clarify exactly what I mean through the use of examples.

When doing a reading, it's important to know what kind of reading you're getting. If have a "yes/no" question, then sometimes a Tarot reading, for example, might not be the best of choices. So although your question is good/sound, it's not good/appropriate for a Tarot reading. Same applies to Astrology & Palmistry to some degree.

By far and wide, one of the most popular questions that can give you a "garbage" reading (or what I call a "vague" reading) is, "I just want to know general information." In an Astrology reading, you'll get just that unless there are blaring things that pop out at the astrologer. With Tarot, depending on how tuned in you are, where your mind is focused on during the pre-spread work (shuffling, cutting, choosing cards), and sometimes even depending on the mood of the "powers that be", the Tarot will often render a very bland and shapeless reading if your question is the same.

Sometimes there are things on your mind that you're dying to know but you might ask a general question or a question that's related to that burning question you really have because you're afraid to give away too much or are afraid of judgement or just a character that prefers to keep your cards close to your chest (hah! no pun intended there!)

One example of that kind of reading is to ask if you'll get a promotion at work, but really what you want to know is if bonking your secretary is going to catch up to you in an unfavorable way. In an Astrology reading, a reader might overlook anything about your career status in the short-term -- unless there's something blaring. They would likely instead look to see the general status of your career overall. But if you posed the question specifically, not only would a thorough Astrologer look at your house of career, but perhaps look at your financial houses, frenemies houses, sex house, house of secrets and undoing, your Midheaven, and all relating planets, including Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, Venus, and Mars.

The same general question posed in a Tarot reading might turn up some surprises if the Tarot reader is intuitive. But a reader might take your questions at face value, and with that you've just figuratively shot yourself in the foot as far as accurate feedback goes. Using the same example in the previous paragraph, a Queen might turn up in your reading and the reader might misinterpret it as a female boss or counterpart, perhaps even interpret it as your wife or partner but really it might be that secretary your bonking who despite her rank among ranks at your place of work, may well be a formidable woman for better or worse. Yet that would show in the context of the reading if the question you really have on your mind is asked.

Finally, there's the importance of timing when asking questions. For Tarot readings, questions are accepted on the spot since Tarot works synchronistically. With Astrology, questions could be asked on the spot, but asking ahead of time would cater more information, esp. if the Astrologer be mindful.

In summary, when it comes to readings, keep in mind that you get what you give, or GIGO. So long you have a competent reader who puts her bias aside, you will definitely get more complete and accurate answers.

Have a question you want answered? Get in touch with me, Cindy, at Kansas City Astrology & Tarot so we can schedule a Tarot reading. I'm located in the Northland (Kansas City) but serve an 80 mile radius.


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