How You Give Your Power Away (And Not Realize It), Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How do you take the back seat and let others take control? The idea of "giving your power away" may seem like something you can pull out of any random self-help book. But as astrologer Cindy Mckean tells Bustle, it actually happens a lot more than you probably think. "Whenever anyone successfully has a negative influence on your day or finds a way to disrupt your own personal baseline even just a little, you've given your power away," she says. The major problem with this is it creates a "steeper slope" towards achieving your goals. "When we don't even realize we're doing it, day-to-day life can start to become a struggle," she says. Giving your power away can happen in any aspect of your li

Astrologers Overwhelmingly Agree These Are The 3 Most Sensual Zodiac Signs

When it comes to getting in touch with your sensual side, some of us have a harder time than others. But if you take astrology into consideration, experts agree that some zodiac signs are more sensual than others. Even if you're not one of the three sensual Zodiac signs, you can still unleash your sensuality and relieve some stress at the same time. And, if your partner happens to fall into one of the three Zodiac signs, it can help you figure out new ways to improve your red-hot romance. "We experience life on the physical plane, even if our dreams our out of this world," Cindy Mckean, owner and operator of Kansas City Astrology and Tarot, LLC, tells Bustle. "Some signs experience their exi

6 Zodiac Pairings That Start Off Strong, But Often End In Toxic Relationships

It's tough but it happens; sometimes an initial spark simply cannot maintain a relationship in the long-run. And when certain people link up, these sorts of relationships are sometimes inevitable. But figuring out how to predict a chemistry nose-dive can feel like a lost cause. Luckily, looking to the stars might help. Zodiac sign compatibility is about more than just predicting soulmates. Everyone has heard the phrase "opposites attract." What may not be as well-known, however, is the fact that this concept has a direct implication, astrologically speaking. "In astrology, every sign has their polar opposite," astrologer Cindy Mckean, tells Bustle. "These polar pairs often want the same thin

The Zodiac Signs You’d Have The Most Romantic Chemistry With, Based On Your Sign

For many people, romantic chemistry is a really, really important part of any serious and potentially long-term relationship. It can also be important (sometimes perhaps even more so) when you're looking for something a bit less serious. Determining who you might have a lot of romantic chemistry with and who you might not be quite as romantically compatible with isn't always as obvious as you may like, but knowing their birthday might give you more of a hint. You might want to know the zodiac signs you'd have the most romantic chemistry with, based on your sign, to know who you might have more chemistry with than you may have thought. If you generally think that your personality fits with th

The One Way You're Likely To Rub People The Wrong Way, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Every zodiac sign has aspects about them that attract people. For instance, Earth signs are known for being grounded and practical. Air signs are known for their ability to communicate, Water signs are in-tune to their emotions, and Fire signs are known for their enthusiasm and passion for life. But since we're all human, we also have aspects of ourselves that could use a little work. According to an astrologer, it's just as important to know how your sign may rub someone the wrong way. As astrologer Cindy Mckean, tells Bustle, astrology is a "complex study" of your birth chart. It can help help you understand your past, your insecurities, why you keep making the same choices in life and lov

These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Happier Single

When it comes to dating and building relationships with others, we're all wired differently. For example, some of us hate the feeling of being "tied down," while others are hopeless romantics, looking for "The One" on every street corner. These are some of the extreme examples, and many of us lie somewhere in the middle, depending on compatibility, attraction, emotion, and various other factors. But when it comes to astrology, some zodiac signs like being single more than others. "Some signs aren't as dependable as others when it comes to relationships," Cindy Mckean, owner and operator of Kansas City Astrology and Tarot, LLC, tells Bustle. "While it doesn't mean that those signs are to be a

The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Get Back With Their Ex

Some people like to see a breakup as a clean break, never even considering getting back into a relationship with a person after something has gone wrong. Others, however, are more forgiving. Getting back together with an ex is complicated, to say the least, but for certain zodiac signs, it might just come naturally." While it's one thing to hold a torch for your ex, it's another thing to be willing to get back to with an ex after a breakup," astrologer Cindy Mckean, tells Bustle. "While some zodiac signs move on, a few are willing to give chance after chance." And forget the concept of "backsliding," these personalities have strong reasoning for giving their exes the benefit of the doubt. Wh

4 Zodiac Signs The August 2018 Full Moon Will Affect The Most

If you're into astronomical events, you'll definitely want to mark your calendar for Aug. 26: that's the night a full moon will be rising. Full moons are not only amazing to look at (as long as it's a clear night), but they also come with energy and vibes that can affect everyone. A full moon can be an emotional time for everyone, so the energy can be either positive or negative, depending on how you use it. If you're in a calm state of mind, yon can expect positive energy, but if you're not... things might get a little hairy. Of course, the full moon affects everyone differently, even according to your horoscope. There are actually some zodiac signs that the August full moon will affect mor

What Will Excite Your Partner About Your Relationship Again, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

At some point in your relationship, you'll likely hit a point where things become comfortable. Sometimes it may become too comfortable, and things may feel routine and boring. If you've reached that point in your relationship and you're looking to reignite old feelings, astrology can help you. By knowing your partner's zodiac sign, you can figure out what they need in order to feel excited about the relationship again. "Sometimes it just takes the right kind of injection of energy to breathe new life and excitement into a relationship," astrologer Cindy Mckean, tells Bustle. Because every zodiac sign is unique, what makes you excited about the relationship may not work for your significant o

Why Is Mercury Retrograde So Popular? We Asked An Astrologer & Here's What She Said

Before Mercury retrograde summer 2018 set in, many of us knew what to expect. Relatively speaking. In the last few years, the impact Mercury retrograde has had on us has fascinated people who both believe and don't believe in the power of the stars and planets with which we share the Universe. Even those who are likely to shrug off astrology just might perk up their ears when hearing that Mercury retrograde is on the way. Why? Well, for the most part, Mercury retrograde tends to screw things up a bit, especially when it comes to communication. Mercury retrograde is when Mercury, which is the planet of communication, looks as though it's moving away from the Earth, which can be a little start

These August 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse Spiritual Meanings Will Help All Zodiac Signs Though The End

On August 11, a new moon will rise, signaling the end of one moon cycle and the beginning of another. It's not just a new moon, though — it's also a partial solar eclipse. A partial solar eclipse happens whenever the sun, the moon, and the Earth are not perfectly aligned in a straight line. In the case of a partial solar eclipse, the moon moves so that it covers a small piece of the sun. This is certainly a very cool thing to see in the sky, but it also has a deeper meaning. Like any other astrological phenomenon, the partial solar eclipse has some spiritual meanings that are going to affect your life. A new moon also has spiritual meaning of its own. According to Gostica, "New moon energy c

These August 2018 Super New Moon Spiritual Meanings Will Help All Zodiac Signs Make The Most Of This

It might be the beginning of August, and the days might still be hot and humid, but it's hard to deny the end of summer feeling in the air. We're getting a little bit closer to the beginning of fall, and even though the temperature isn't going to change drastically within the next few weeks, there's still that vibe of seasons changing. Going from one season into another tends to make people ready for something fresh and new - and that's exactly why the August super new moon is coming at just the right time. The August super new moon has some spiritual meanings that are going to help you end your summer the right way. The moon goes through phases as it orbits the Earth, and the new moon is fi

The August 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse Is Happening During 5 Retrogrades & Here’s How That’ll Aff

If you thought that Mercury retrograde and the total lunar eclipse at the end of July was a lot to handle, wait until you hear this: on August 11, a partial solar eclipse is happening during five planetary retrogrades, and no matter what your zodiac sign, it's going to affect you. Because, make no mistake, five retrogrades are definitely going to have an effect on your everyday lives, regardless of your zodiac sign. To really understand what you can expect within the next few days, you need a solid understanding of how each event will affect you. The partial solar eclipse is happening during a new moon. New moons signal the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one, and you'll feel tha

What Relationships Mercury Retrograde Summer 2018 Will Affect The Most, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It may be early August, but we still have over two weeks left of Mercury retrogradesummer 2018. I know, I know; it already feel like it's been an eternity since this dose of Mercury retrograde started on July 26, but if you focus, stayed prepared, and don't let Mercury retrograde get the best of you, you can get through it. Remember: We're all going to be affected in one way or another so, basically, we're all in this together. "Five planets are still retrograde this summer, including Mercury," astrologer and psychic, Cindy Mckean, tells Bustle. "If you feel lately like things have been hectic, chaotic, or just not going as planned, maybe the planets apparent backwards movement in the sky ha

Meghan Markle’s Birthday Falls During Mercury Retrograde & Here’s What That Means For Her

If you feel like things have felt a bit off-balance lately, you probably aren't alone. Mercury retrograde began on July 26, and it's going to stick around until August 19 (oh, and there are also four other planetary retrogrades happening at the same time as well... but no big deal). Mercury is the planet that rules communication, meaning that the retrograde period can make things feel a bit strained. It's a time known for mishaps, misunderstandings, and frustrations. It's also happening during Leo season, which means that anyone who is a Leo is having a birthday during the retrograde period. One of the most famous Leos in the world, for instance: Meghan Markle's birthday falls during Mercury



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