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Why Choose Me?


I was posed this question by an astute prospective client. She wanted to know what made me different from other readers. I state the reasons below...



Even though I'm right-brain dominant (creativity, imagination, intuitive, artsy), I fulfilled a career in the hard sciences, a left-brain subject (analytical, critical, mathematical). Having to provide empirical proof in my scientific career, I became astute at analyzing details to get to the heart of a problem or to determine a conclusion, or otherwise prove why I can't (my research findings have been published in high-impact journals). I use that approach (as well as an open mind!) in my Astrological chart readings and Palm Readings/Palmistry.

I'm Scientific
Blackboard inscribed with scientific for
I'm scientific...
Image by Bart LaRue
...yet I'm tapped into my intuition.

All analysis and no intuition make a very stunted reading. Especially with divinations such as Tarot that works with synchronicity, not using intuition would be missing the messages. Even though Astrology can be very analytical, it goes much deeper than just connecting the dots on the chart and interpreting from collective knowledge. 

Most reputable readers get their reputation from their accuracy; nevertheless, their accuracy is limited by just doing one style of reading, for instance, only Tarot or only Astrology...
Think of it as getting a diagnosis for a chest cold. Sure, just a check-up can get you a diagnosis, but it's more useful if you get a, say an X-Ray (for it could detect the extent of your cold), more useful if you get a blood test to see the stage and impact of the cold and if there's anything else you're dealing with, even better if you get a sputum smear (a way of detecting exactly which microbe is infecting you). With all that information, you can get the specific treatment that targets your what's going on, and gives you the peace of mind in knowing nothing else is going on.
I'm one of the few readers who is astute in more than one divination arts.
Chalkboard with Different Languages

This has broadened my scope of esoteric studies. While overseas, I was exposed to new approaches, perspectives, and knowledge. It has also made me more open to your problems, thoughts, and ideas in comparision to other readers.

I've experienced an array of vastly different cultures while living in other countries.

Most people who come for readings have major issues that haven't been or can't be solved or addressed by conventional means. For others, it's because they're in-tune; something that is poo-pooed in the conventional world. I wouldn't shame you for daring to be yourself or anything else. 


Whatever your issue is, I'm here to help, not judge or shame you.

Nothing will shock me.
New In Town
New Growth

How would this be relevant, you ask? Simple: there's a very high probability that I'm not in your circle of friends, colleagues, etc. even if I live in your neighborhood. I also travel a fair amount, now spending more time out of town than I do in town which makes returning feel like I'm in a new place. This may give you a sense of security in knowing we won't run into each other and have that awkward moment, esp. if you're with people.


New in town does not mean new to the field. I've been involved with Astrology for over 25 years, Tarot about half the time, and Palmistry since I was a kid (go to the "About Me" page to learn more).

I'm relatively new in town (and I keep to myself).
No one will know you had a reading with me.

Oh yeah, I mentioned that in, "I'm Scientific" and touched on it in, "I'm relatively new in town."

How many readers do you know with a code of ethics?
I developed my code of ethics through experience. They were created with you in mind, first and foremost, for your highest benefit.

With Astrology especially, it's rare to find an Astrologer that explains the planetary forces, the aspects, the signs... but I do.


Same with the Tarot. Sometimes an intimidating card like the 3 of Swords or The Devil, for example, show up in a reading. They can look pretty doomy-and-gloomy! I explain the cards to you in the context of the reading, even the pretty ones (like Lovers, 6 of cups...)

I break things down and explain them to you without the confusing jargon.
Hand draw a line from A straight to the
Hand write a media channel for business.
I'm easy to understand.

I've been featured TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers - both locally and nationally. Check out some of my media appearances where you can catch a sample of some of my work.

I'm child and family friendly.

I'm mindful with youngsters and/or when there's a family setting. Since 2018, I've worked with students and teachers in over a dozen different schools, colleges, and universities in Kansas and Missouri. Most interviews were for a school newspaper, journal, or presentation. Check out the article in the Blue Valley High School newspaper. 

Family in Fall
Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass
I'm transparent.

With a the variety of writing, audio, video, content, and articles, you get a solid impression of who I am and what to expect from your reading. Prices are clearly stated as are policies (The Fine Print). If you have a question, I'm only an email away.

I make astrology software

It's a labor of love. I've partnered with AstroloGeeks (TM) to create Meteor (TM), which focuses on Relocation Astrology. So far we offer AstroCartoGraphy, the astrology of time and space and we will soon have eclipse paths, local horizon lines, and more. I'm of the top leaders in Relocation Astrology globally. Besides a solid knowledge of astrology, making software requires a fair knowledge of astronomy, astrological history, techniques, and beyond.

Meteor Product Image.jpg
Cindy Mckean Live Reading Psychic Fair.j
I enjoy what I do.

My clients come from all walks of life. The diversity of questions I look into everyday ensures that no day is like any other. With a positive Jupiter-Neptune connection in my astrology chart, I'm naturally interested in unwinding the mystery of what's behind the curtain and doing the best job I can do. 

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