Martin Shkreli: The Man Behind the Ginormous Drug Price Hikes.

Mr. Martin Shkreli has been a prominent headliner this past week. He's the man responsible for price hikes of several drugs, most notably a life-saving medication which is used to treat patients with toxoplasmosis, some cancers, AIDS as well as a drug used to treat many children who have cystinuria, a complicated kidney disease. I couldn't find a birth time for Mr. Shkreli but the rest of his birth info is available. Born on April 1, 1983 (yes, I know it could be tempting to insert an April Fool's remark there), he has an Aries (pioneering) Sun (leadership) at 11º was charged a few times with energy from Pluto (power plays) and Uranus (unexpectedness) in the last 5 years. Indeed, he's had po

Happy Birthday, Libra!

The Sun enters Libra on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 3:20 A.M. CDT. That date is also the autumn equinox, which is very fitting for Libra being represented by the scales. Like scales in equilibrium, Libras prefer to be balanced. Being a sign that is outgoing and personable, they easily tune into how people releate to each other. Also like the scales, they do best when equally paired. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, peace, and harmony, Libras are very interested in others for partnership - be it in business, love, or even while shopping. Everything that's done together is what makes Libras happy. Libras love their indulgences and comforts. They have a high respect for knowledge and th

Fame, Fortune, & Blessings: Star of Jupiter in Palmistry

A beautiful and radiant young lady who worked part time as a model came in for a palmistry reading. Her questions revolved around career prospects with modeling. She didn't know if she was wasting her time or if she should just focus on school for now. In her palm, I saw indications for someone with good executive ability (by the shape of her hand and clarity of her lines) that's extremely creative but practical (outward bow of the medial side of her hand, plus a forked headline). Best of all, she had the Star of Jupiter in her palm. This is a positive indication for success and recognition in one's personal and business endeavors. As we know, all of our fingers are important, but asides fro

Short Comments About Death in Tarot

The Death card comes up a fair amount of times during readings. Even when it's surrounded by the brightest and most pleasant of cards, it always sticks out like a sore thumb. It's an ominous looking card. Besides, when a question is within the context of asking about the outcome of a relationship, a health question, or a job situation, it becomes even more conspicuous and ominous. Quite often, when I see this card in a reading, it's a positive indicator. Something that's outmoded or no longer useful will soon go away from one's life and be replaced with something better and new. With the Rider Waite deck, one of the most popular Tarot decks, Death, who appears to be smiling, comes riding in

Kim Davis - Love is in the Air

Kim Davis, a county clerk in Kentucky, has been in the press quite a bit lately. Her fame or notoriety, depending on how you see it, stems from her refusal to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple earlier this September 2015. She's been found in contempt of the Supreme Court order to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples and was subsequently sent to jail for a week and is now out. Her birthdate is published on Wiki, September 17, 1965, but her birth time is unknown. We can still get information just from knowing the date and location. With a service-oriented Virgo Sun (squaring Jupiter) and Moon in Gemini, there are indications that she needs to be recognized for doing what she



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