Happy Birthday, Gemini!

At 9:36 AM Central Time, the Sun transitions from Taurus to Gemini, the sign of the twins. Gemini (twins), the plural of Geminus (twin) are natural wordsmiths. They're known to bring fun to the world with their witty gab. They're chatty, clever, and enthusiastic. They inject their own brand of energy into any scene. In general, those born under this sign are information junkies. They can shame many under the table in with their trivia skills. Gemini are known to go with the flow, under the influence of mutable energies. They can adjust to whatever is happening around them. Enjoying variety, they can move from conversation to conversation in different situations with the ease of a butterfly f

The Astrology-Palmistry Connection

Published in the Psychical Research Society of Kansas City (PRS KC) Newsletter in May 2016. A very special thanks to the PRS Board! Centuries ago, astrology and palmistry went hand-in-hand, no pun intended. For example, it was said that each finger reflected three planets. Different mounds and areas of the hand share the same names of the planets used in astrology. Palms were read as a reflection of the human figure, a microcosm, within the complexities of the cosmos, or astrology, as the macrocosm. As an alchemical renaissance became in vogue, astronomy and other scientific findings started taking the forefront over divinatory methods. In an effort to conquer through dividing, a fracture wa



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