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How To Avoid Common Fights During Mercury Retrograde Summer 2018

Buckle up, because you may be in for a bumpy ride: on Thursday, July 26, we'll be entering the second Mercury retrograde of 2018, and it's going to last until August 19. When Mercury goes retrograde, this phenomenon can lead to a whole lot of confusion here on planet Earth. Mercury rules communication, travel, and social interactions, and when the planet is a little out of whack, all of these things can be affected. During Mercury retrograde, you're more likely to feel confusion, tension, and deal with miscommunications. It could be a volatile time for some people, which is why you'll want to know how to avoid common fights that happen during Mercury retrograde. After all, you don't need to ruin all of your relationships during the end of the summer!

Speaking to Bustle, astrologer and psychic, Cindy Mckean says, "This Mercury retrograde occurs in Leo, a zodiac sign known for drama, forgiveness, love, over-reactions, self-centeredness, and warmth, among other things. When Mercury does its backwards motion in Leo, you can count on mountains becoming molehills." In other words, you might be more likely to argue with the people closest to you, whether it's a significant other, a good friend, or a family member.

The good news? Mercury retrograde isn't a synonym for impending doom or total destruction. You still have control over your life and your actions, and you have the ability to change how things turn out for you. If you follow the below suggestions, you have a better chance of avoiding the conflict that can come with this time period.

1 Meditate Every Day

If you want to avoid conflict, you have to get your brain in the right place. Being at peace and feeling positive will make you less likely to snap at someone or to get angry really quickly. According to Healthline, "Some forms of meditation may help you develop a stronger understanding of yourself, helping you grow into your best self. For example, self-inquiry meditation explicitly aims to help you develop a greater understanding of yourself and how you relate to those around you."

Try doing it for a few minutes each day to calm your mind and put you in a better state of being.


2 Start A Journal

According to Huffington Post, there's a strong connection between mindfulness and happiness, and journaling can help you be more mindful. Journaling can reduce stress and anxiety, and help you get a better understanding of your actions and the actions of those around you. Since Mercury retrograde can often lead to miscommunication, analyzing things privately in your journal can help you avoid that.


3 Go On Vacation

If your schedule and budget allows for it, you might want to take a little vacation during Mercury retrograde. Not only will this get you away from people who might annoy you (thus reducing the chances of conflict), but science has found that taking a vacation can improve productivity and reduce stress. Even just a few days off could clear your head.


4 Get Into A New Book

If you feel like you need to avoid the people who are bothering you in order to avoid a fight, try reading a really good book. It gives you some quiet time, and can help reduce stress. According to Lifehacker, reading can also improve your focus and concentration, two things that can slowly slip away from you when Mercury is retrograde.


5 Spend Some Time With Your Family

If you're close with certain family members, you might want to hang with them during this period. This is especially true if you're a Cancer. Mckean told Bustle, "[S]tay close to home and the familiar, as it will help you stay zen."


6 Work Out Regularly

During Mercury retrograde, you need ample time to clear your head, focus on yourself, and relieve any stress you might be feeling. You'll want to do this in a positive way so that you don't take negative emotions out on others. One way to do that is by exercising daily. Exercise really does release endorphins, just like Elle Woods said in Legally Blonde, and it makes you happier. And happier people don't just kill their husbands! You get it.


7 Plan Productive Activities

One way to ensure you're not starting arguments with others? Stay busy and, more importantly, stay organized so that you don't feel extra stressed. Before Mercury retrograde begins, plan out the things you need to get done, and schedule doing them into your calendar. This helps keep you on top of things even if Mercury retrograde leaves you feeling a bit scatterbrained.


8 Get Some Extra Sleep

Not getting enough sleep will leave you feeling cranky, stressed, anxious, depressed, and flustered. You don't need that on top of the effects of Mercury retrograde! Make sure that you're getting enough sleep each night so that you're in your best state each day.


9 Take A Sick Day

Honestly, sometimes you need to just take a break from your every day life and pretend to be sick so that you can relax. It might relieve some tensions for you and keep you from starting conflict from someone else in your life, like people at work.


10 Spend Some Time Alone

Since miscommunication is so common during Mercury retrograde, you might want to step away from too many social situations and just give yourself some alone time. That doesn't mean you need to be a hermit, but taking the day to watch Netflix all day or hang at the beach could be good for you. Say no to the party invitations you're really not feeling, and just focus on yourself.


11 Think Before You Speak

When Mercury is retrograde, it's easy to blurt things out, say things you don't mean, or respond inappropriately to something because you're confused by the situation or didn't read it correctly. So, use this time during Mercury retrograde to really be mindful about what you're saying. Think before you say anything!


*Note: A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to the folks at Bustle Magazine, where this was originally published on July 24, 2018. Skillfully presented by, Jessica booth, a writer and editor from Long Island New York (My old stomping grounds - Woot! Woot!) Thank you again, Bustle!!!!!!


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