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More on Living on a Pluto Line

Not to long ago I wrote about how it is like to live on a Pluto line. You can find that post here: Living With Pluto.

In summary, I wrote about how it's like living on a Pluto/IC line and a Pluto/Asc line. It involved law enforcement, lies, poo slung at my house, garbage thrown on my property, surveillance, sinkholes... Then it was all over.

Our neighbor was evicted and we had a couple weeks with no neighbor. Our new neighbor is great; we were relieved. Things were peachy until...

Until one day I we woke up to a rumbling noise, vroom-vroom, crush. There were tractors on the opposite side of our house digging into the ground, raping the Earth. Pluto rules the underground, caves, going beneath the surface, darkness, among other things. The IC is the home and foundation.

Once again, we were lied to by property management. We asked explicitly - would they build? Do they plan on building in the near or far future? Do they have hopes of ever building - ever? No. No. No. Never.

Our first hint was the electric boxes lining the street but no houses near those electric boxes. Turns out that the property managers were waiting for a state and city approval inspection that it's ok to build again after the last houses they built were very slowly swallowed into a sinkholes.

All the digging around the homefront is all down to Pluto/IC - (really of all places to live, we ended up living in the only place in Kansas City with sinkholes - Pluto drove us there).

In the meantime, I'm able to conduct more readings and business is picking up. This would not have been possible without this underlying force from Pluto.

So far my verdict is that you should avoid moving to a Pluto line unless you're willing to go through significant, life-changing transformations. This is the only reason why I don't try to fight it. The energies from this line have changed both my husband and me to the better. This is probably the only line where you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Do you want to know what line you live on or near and how that line affects your life? Ever went on vacation somewhere else and felt better or worse? You'd be amazed at how your horoscope plays a role in how you click with the world.

Contact Kansas City Astrology & Tarot to get a perspective. I serve the Kansas City, Overland Park, Blue Springs, Lee Summit, St. Joseph's areas and beyond. You can use astrology to improve your life. You'll know how to deal with the energies you have in the here and now. I'm an email or phone call away.


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