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Coincidence or Astrology?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

There is an intriguing emotional synastry between Woodrow Wilson and Leonardo Di Caprio.

Ironically, it was announced that DiCaprio would star in a biographical movie about Wilson. That was back in September 2013 but the script is still in development. Nonetheless, I expect it to roll out by 2017, a better time astrologically for DiCaprio, even though 2015 is a better year for Wilson. It's relatively a long time to develop a movie but it melds well with DiCaprio's transits (didn't you know - even Hollywood uses astrology.)

In DiCaprio's chart, his moon (emotions) is 15 Libra (balance/fairness). The Uranus/Pluto square (which was about 1 degree of his moon) and the last 2 lunar eclipses at 14/15 Aries/Libra (which opposed and conjuncted his moon), ended up emancipating him, empowering him, and set the energy to allow him to do something prominent.

How does this translate? From his highest-impacting role yet in the "Wolf of Wall Street" which he was Oscar-nominated for, a role in which he played a ruthless business tycoon who made it from rags to riches - a man totally immersed in the material and not so much the spiritual is now going to build a eco-resort on an island off of Belize.

In DiCaprio's chart, his harmony and partnership seeking Moon in Libra - Libra rules the 10th house of his career and reputation. His Moon is in his first house, so this makes for a highly entreprenneurial placement. It's squared by Saturn, a planet of determination and discipline at 18 Cancer.

So we shouldn't be suprised to read about his mega real-estate project, especially knowing that that Uranus/Pluto square have been instigating his Moon/Saturn square. This will be especially helpful in giving him emotional drive to see things through. Even though the Uranus/Pluto aspect has ended, dont' forget that it's impact echoes for a long time.

The sign of Cancer is a nurturing sign. It's concerned about the home, history, being matronly. Saturn is the patronly sign that sends off energy of structure among other things. Saturn rules Dicaprio's 4th house, the house of home and nurturning, being matronly, just like the moon. This will last through to 2017.

On his project in Belize, this means he'll put a tremendous amount of energy and effort into "healing" this island.

What makes him so sure this will work out? Dicaprio also has Neptune transiting in his chart, exactly conjunct his Jupiter at 8 Pisces. See the trend of how his transits are lining up? Just like Saturn's aspect to the Moon in the 4th house, we can see something similar while his Neptune, the higher octave of Jupiter, the former ruler of Pisces that's now ruled by Neptune, are making aspect.

All in all, Neptune will color everything hazy and rosy - maybe a bit too rosy when it aspects Jupiter. This aspect sends off an energy of epic idealistic tendencies. There'll also be a prominent caveat in legal matters (Jupiter). I hope that he has practical earth-bound legal advisors on his side, lest he sign a contract that's full of caveats that he'd misunderstand to be in his favor under this apsect.

Maybe we shouldn't worry. His natal chart shows resourcefulness - as in 3 planets in the 2nd house in Scorpio - his Sun, Venus, and Mars. With Scorpio coloring the energy of those planets he'll be keen, esp. with Mars in Scorpio. Mars used to rule Scorpio before Pluto was discovered. They understand each other well. Being in the 2nd house of money, they will financially strategize well. With Mercury also in his second house (but in Libra), he'd be silver-tongued. Perhaps he can talk his way into or out of a situation.

Back to the movie that he's supposed to star in as Woodrow Wilson, I haven't found anything suggesting a release in 2015 but this would have been a good year for it to get attention for the Uranus/Pluto square that made strong aspects to Wilson's Ascendant and Midheaven (perception of his reputation) as well as his Mercury (communication, films). Not enough? When the movie was first announced, Jupiter the planet of expansion was transiting over Woodrow's Midheaven. This would lionize his role as a president.

If the movie doesn't come out in 2015, then so long it hits the screens by 2017, DiCaprio has a few solar arcs and transits over the next 2 years (that started in 2013) that indicate increased public prominence and acclaim. Just in time for his Oscar nomination. Magical, isn't it? You can't say you don't believe in astrology after all this, can you?

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