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Synchronicity Hits!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I decided to include writing about Tarot in this blog. I wasn't sure where to start. A card a week, a month... Or should I write about its history, Tarot in present day, Tarot as it evolved...

So many questions, no direction! I decided to pull my deck out and pick a card to get guidance. Who wudda thunk it? I picked The Fool, upright.

And what better timing than when the Moon is Void of course in Aries. There he stands with his dog, trying to stop him, just as the event taking place in the sky as I write this is the Moon being challenged by action hero Mars in plan-making lover, Capricorn.

Blending the sky with the card, I'm being told to stop worrying, stop planning and just go with the flow.

And this is how I will approach writing about Tarot. I will write as the spirit inclines me and allow serendipity to provide nuggets of illumination.

Live free, my friends!


Pluto Core
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