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What Kind Of Partner You Are, Based On Your Palm Lines

If you're looking for a way to gain some insight into your love life that doesn't involve knowing your birthday, just take a look at the palm of your hand. "Sometimes we wander the earth searching for answers when all along it's right there," astrologer and psychic, Cindy Mckean tells Bustle. Whether you believe it or not, the lines on your hands might offer a big indication of what you can expect from your life.

Chiromancy, or palm reading, has been around for thousands of years. According to Mckean, palmists analyze a number of things like the mounts or the padding on your palms, the lines, markings, digits, flexibility, your fingernails and fingerprints during a reading.

"A reader can tell you things about yourself in the areas of love, health, career, and money, among other things; however, you can do your own quick analysis at a glance," she says. "Not only is this convenient, but it's also an excuse to hold hands on a date. You can catch sight of your partner's heart line and see if they are a fit for you."

Going to a professional palm reader will obviously give you a lot more in-depth information, but there are very basic things you can look at yourself. When it comes to love, all you need to do is find your heart line.

"When you look at your hands (palms up), the first horizontal line you see on your palms below your fingers is your heart line," Mckean says. "It starts at the outer edge of your hand and is directed laterally." Some people call it the "love line" because it can tell you information about your emotions and how you are in love.

The line may be straight or curved, long or short, and can end under any of your fingers. You may even have a different type of heart line on each hand, she says. But generally, your dominant hand is the one readers look at.

Palm Reading

According to Mckean, there are two major heart line types: straight and curved. As you would assume, telling the difference between the two is pretty easy. Basically, if you can take a piece of paper and line it parallel from the beginning to the end of your heart line, you have a straight line.

People with straight heart lines tend to be practical partners. "They are generally even keeled, pragmatic, and logical when it comes to matters of the heart," Mckean says. They are easy-going and often happy to accommodate their partner's needs. In love, they generally allow their partner to take the lead. Straight heart liners also tend to be more reserved with their emotions and are "less apt to make waves."

If you're someone with a curved heart line, you may find that expressing your feelings come easy to you. "People with curved heart lines tend to be more emotionally sensitive than their straight-lined counterparts," Mckean says. "In matters of love, they are more apt to be romantic and they choose with their heart over their head."

Whether your line is straight or curved is just one characteristic to look out for. To get even more specific, length can also provide more in-depth information. So take a look at your own palm and see what kind of partner you are in relationships based on your heart line.

You Have A Straight-Long Heart Line

Woman's palms held out wearing bracelets

A straight, long heart line is one that stretches all the way across the palm and ends on the opposite edge of the hand. If your heart line is long, Mckean says "you're an advocate that will zealously fight for what you believe is yours." You won't easily give up on a partner or relationship if you truly believe it's what you want. You may have a tendency to get a bit possessive or jealous, however, you are extremely loyal.


You Have A Straight-Short Heart Line

Open Palm with Sea shell

If your heart line ends under the pinky, ring, or middle finger, it's considered short. "Possessors of a short but straight heart line are typically enjoy their 'me' time," Mckean says. Short and straight heart liners can come off shy and quiet. When it comes to love, they may need a little more time to digest their thoughts and feelings before acting or reacting emotionally. "In a relationship, you are loyal and reliable, but you also have a strong sense of independence," she says. "Typically practical and grounded, you are productive, private, and prefer quality over quantity with friends and partners."


You Have A Curved Heart Line That Ends Under The Index Finger

Level view of palms held up

If your heart line is curved and ends anywhere under your index finger, you are a passionate type. "People with this kind of heart line are quintessential lovers," Mckean says. "They are enthusiastic, outgoing, and often direct. People tend to like you as a person and find you charismatic, though you may sometimes border on being dramatic." When you're in a relationship, she says it's crucial for you to be able to express your feelings or you'll end up feeling neglected or suppressed. One of the great things about you is, you like taking the lead and will find awesome ways to keep things exciting.


You Have A Curved Heart Line That Ends Between The Index And Middle Finger

Palms held up Heart Lines Lined Up

When your heart lines ends between your index finger and middle finger, you are a caring and nurturing type of partner. According to Mckean, connecting with others is key for you and being surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones is essential. "In matters of love, you are very generous and forgiving, but you also tend to feel deeply and you may be apt to being oversensitive," she says. "You get along with people well, but you may find yourself getting pulled into their emotional drama because of your tendency to be giving and helpful." When it comes to relationships, the most important thing is to remember to nurture yourself as well.

If that's not fascinating enough, there is one other important bit of information that you should know. According to palmistry, the lines that are carved in your hand are not set in stone. You can think of your palm lines as a mirror. It reflects what's going on in your life, and can indicate what's to come.

"Though certain aspects of your hands may remain the same for most of your life (i.e. the shape of your hand, the length of your fingers, and setting of your thumb), the lines on your hand are dynamic change to reflect your physical, mental, and emotional status in life," Mckean says. "In other words, changing your fate is in your own hands (pun intended!)."

So if you're looking for answers about your life, just take a quick glance at your palm. It can help you see where you are in life right now and what couple possibly be in the near future.

*Note: A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to the folks at Bustle Magazine, where this was originally published on June 18, 2018. Kristine Fellizar skillfully presented my contribution; she is always a pleasure to work with! Thank you again, Bustle!!!!!!

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