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AstroMapping is the astrology of space.

For personal readings, it involves AstroCartoGraphy, Compass Astrology, and relocated charts.

Cindy is the top expert worldwide.

Check out the video that showcases some of her knowledge of AstroMapping and what it can do for you.

AstroMapping is a broad term that captures any kind of technique that blends astronomy with astrology. The most popular types of AstroMapping for personal readings are AstroCartoGraphy and Compass Astrology (Local Space lines).

The lines are the focal points in AstroMapping. They are either created by identifying where planets were on angles (angles are the horizon or meridian) around the world at the moment you were born (that is called AstroCartoGraphy). The other popular technique, Compass Astrology, also works around the world but it is a better tool for your immediate environment, whether it's your city, your neighborhood, or your own home. Compass Astrology plots the orbits of the planets as lines around the world emanating from wherever you are. 

Cindy is the #1 world leader on AstroMapping. Here are just a few reasons:

  • Most AstroMappers have learned the techniques from a book and only visited a few lines for vacation. Cindy didn't just learn from books. She has actually lived on different lines and has a mass of friends, family, and clients who she's consulted. It's the difference between getting a driving lesson from someone who read about how to drive in a book versus someone who read the book and drives everyday in different vehicles on different roads under different circumstances...

  • With all her time overseas and within different regions of the USA, she has solid knowledge of different cultures, countries, systems, and climates. For example, if you're a solo female looking for love and your "best" lines are in a conflict area Cindy will not recommend it.

  • She's consulted thousands of clients using AstroMapping.

  • She has solid knowledge of the astronomy of AstroMapping, She leads astronomy students in outdoor exploration to help them correlate the celestial bodies to the charts and maps.

  • She co-created the most accurate and modern software for AstroMapping: Meteor™.

  • Cindy is certified through Continuum and through Kepler College.

  • She teaches AstroMapping at a professional level. As a faculty member, she co-developed the AstroMapping Certification Program at Kepler College where she teaches beginner and advanced levels.

  • She built an extensive library on the history of AstroMapping. While most people think it started in the 1990s, it actually dates back to Babylon and Assyria.

  • Cindy's background has allowed her to research and document the methods and applications in a formal approach. 

  • She has decades of experience that contribute to her knowledge.

  • Cindy doesn't just read the lines, "Move to your Venus line for love!" She takes an in-depth look at your goals, your restrictions/limitations, your charts, and is able to match the best location(s) for you. She can also give insight into how a place you are now affects you.

  • Cindy is one of only three AstroMappers in the world that can synthesize eclipses and AstroCartoGraphy.

  • She can offer remediation with astrology and AstroMapping.

  • AstroMapping is not just limited to traveling. Cindy works with businesses and individuals on-site for how to set up their office space, home, or other locations.
    This is a sort of astrological feng-shui.
    Want to make more money? Maybe move your transaction register to your Jupiter line. Want to lose weight? Either placing your refrigerator on your Saturn line or remediating using Saturn (the planet of restriction) will help.

  • Most of all, Cindy LOVES this area of astrology. She has a passion for it that shows.

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