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BACHELOR NATION: Joe and Serena's Astrological Compatibility is intense and passionate.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Photo ABC/Craig Sjodin

Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt’s relationship is one of the most beloved in Bachelor Nation, and they already appear to be living out their happily ever after (thank goodness). Throughout their time on Bachelor In Paradise, all signs pointed to the fact that these two were a power couple — I mean, they were literally voted Paradise’s Prom King and Queen. Fortunately, even the stars agree that they’re meant to be. Oh, yes — Joe and Serena’sastrological compatibility is absolute fire, and we’re completely obsessed.

Born on April 12, Joe is a bold and ambitious Aries, while Serena was born on Oct. 25, making her a deeply emotional Scorpio. Though they have plenty of differences (Aries are literally a fire sign, while Scorpios belong to the water element), both are known for their passion and drive. And together, these signs are an extraordinarily loving couple with a thriving sex life.

“When these two signs mix it's a romantic union, albeit in a sea of intense attraction to each other with inevitable steamy interaction,” says astrologer Cindy Mckean of Kansas City Astrology. “Though in traditional astrology, both are ruled by the planet Mars, the God of War, there's nothing traditional about this union. [Aries and Scorpio] are the quintessential power couple.”

Here’s a look at what Joe and Serena’s future holds, according to the zodiac.


Joe & Serena Are Sexually Compatible (Like, Very)

While Joe and Serena’s love life is really none of our business, speaking abstractly, their zodiac signs suggest that they’re both bringing a ton of passion to the table (and to the bedroom — wink, wink!).

“Scorpios are known to be one of the sexiest signs of the zodiac,” says Mckean. “Aries are known to be one of the hottest. Both are independent, strong, and passionate.”

Both signs are driven by desire, and neither is afraid to take control of a situation — romantically or otherwise. All of this makes their sexual connection intense and exciting; they’ll never get bored in the boudoir.


Joe & Serena Aren’t Great At Backing Down

Again, Scorpio and Aries aren’t afraid to take control of a situation, nor are they likely to back down in a fight.

“While they can match and encourage each other with their own ideals, each has a different source of drive,” says Mckean. “Scorpios are of a fixed energy… [They] move slow and strategize before making a move. Aries, driven by cardinal energy, move at high speed and take many brave leaps of faith. When communicating, they should keep this in mind. Neither sign is one to back down.”

In other words, the fact that Joe and Serena are both so driven, yet come to decisions differently, might make for the occasional argument. But, as Mckean suggests, they can also motivate one another, inspiring and challenging each other to think outside the box.


Joe & Serena Are Made To Last

According to Mckean, their signs suggest that yes, this will be an everlasting love!

“While other factors in the chart would determine if a relationship is built to last, there is kismet between [Aries and Scorpios] which will link them for lifetimes,” says Mckean.

We can’t wait to see what their future holds.


Cindy Mckean, Astrologer

Genevieve Wheeler, Writer

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