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How Mercury Retrograde Summer 2018 Affect Your Love Life

Who's ready for another round of Mercury retrograde? No one? While that might be the case, there's no stopping the second Mercury retrograde of 2018 that starts on July 26 and hangs around until August 19. It won't last the rest of summer, but it'll definitely suck up a good sized chunk of the rest of the summer.

"Mercury represents how we communicate, process information, thoughts, travel, and interact with people we encounter," Astrologer and psychic, Cindy Mckean, tells Bustle.

It also gives us a chance to blame everything on Mercury retrograde, too. Late to work? Mercury retrograde. Excessive arguments with your partner? Mercury retrograde. Fall down an abandoned well and break your ankle? Obviously, Mercury retrograde.

"This Mercury retrograde occurs in Leo, a zodiac sign known for drama, forgiveness, love, over-reactions, self-centeredness, and warmth, among other things," Mckean says. "When Mercury does its backwards motion in Leo, you can count on mountains becoming molehills."

But while we shouldn't necessarily fear Mercury retrograde, there's no denying that it can affect our lives. Communication, for example, definitely gets thrown off course a bit. "Mercury retrograde is notorious for traffic snafus, misunderstandings, computer crashes (data loss), and delays. You may have already felt the effects of Mercury retrograde's approaching effect that started on July 7, also known as a shadow period," says Mckean. "When the retrograde kicks into high-gear on July 26, you may want to watch how you speak to your special someone."

Because of this, there's a good chance your love life will be affected as communication and relationships go hand in hand. Here's how each sign will be influenced by this summer's Mercury retrograde, according to astrology.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

"As a fire sign like the Leo, Aries the headstrong ram might just do what it knows how to do best: ram it's head," says Mckean. "This would be in reaction to a perceived slight, which is rather rare for an Aries to react that way or to perceive slights. Even an Aries might now know why [they] reacted that way because though they are sensitive, they also don't like to waste time. With this Mercury retrograde, Aries might find themselves ruminating on something their partner said."

Mckean's best piece of advice to Aries? "[S]hake the thoughts out of your head and continue to move forward," Mckean says. "If any sign can get past this Mercury retrograde the fastest this summer, it's Aries."

So while Aries season may be over, they still have a better chance than most of us to get out of this Mercury retrograde with everything still in tact.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

"In astrology, Taurus and Leo traditionally don't get along," says Mckean. "However, with Mercury in retrograde in Leo, this period will give you a chance to catch up. Ruled by Venus, an old flame might reappear in your life." But that doesn't mean you should entertain them.

"Unless you have some serious topics you really need to hash out, it's best to avoid talking (or any type of communication) with your ex," says Mckean. "If you're involved in a relationship, it's a great period to take time to smell the roses."

Every time an ex rolls around, dear Taurus, you should always remember you broke up for a reason. Especially during this Mercury retrograde.


Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

"The twins are ruled by Mercury," says Mckean. "With the upcoming Mercury retrograde, you'll either get a double dose of awesomeness or doozies. It's really up to you. If you're one of the polyamorous Geminis, it's wiser to keep things low key otherwise your partners will find out about each other. If you find yourself in this pickle, you'll be able to use your silver tongue to minimize the damage. Still, it's better not to skate so close to the edge during this retrograde. This is a great time for a love [break] until Mercury goes direct again."

Although awesomeness may be in your future, it might be best to play is safe and expect doozies — and then be pleasantly surprised when it all goes your way.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

"There's going to be a full lunar eclipse the day after Mercury goes retrograde," says Mckean. "The Moon in astrology represents your feelings and emotions. When it's eclipsed you might feel like your partner isn't taking you seriously or you may feel extra hypersensitive. But during this retrograde, your overreaction can lead to breakups, rebounds with the wrong ex, and you ending up single (and quite dazed) by the time Mercury goes direct in August."

Mckean's best advice for Cancers this Mercury retrograde? "[S]tay close to home and the familiar, as it will help you stay zen."

In other words, the summer may be the ideal time to travel but, Cancer, maybe stay put and ride this thing out from your couch.


Leo (July 23 - August 22)

"With Mercury retrograding in your own sign, this is an excellent time for rehearsals," says Mckean. "Before you go on a date, or propose to your partner, this is one of the best times to go over what you'd like to do for your loved one. You'll be greatly rewarded, and yes, even lionized."

But Mckean says Leo shouldn't rush anything. "The biggest advice for you, Leo, is to curb your enthusiasm a little when it comes to timing," she says. "Don't rush into anything without at least playing it in your head first or you can unintentionally upset your partner."

Besides, if Mercury retrograde isn't the best time to sign contracts, then it can't possibly be the best time to propose either. That, in itself, is sort of a contract.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

"Virgos, like Gemini, are also ruled by Mercury, but as an earth sign, you might find this upcoming retrograde causing a bit more anxiety," says Mckean. "This anxiety can spill over into your love life, causing you more anxiety and falling into a vicious cycle unless you can efficiently manage your daily routines without flaw. Chances are that you can, meticulous as you are. If you're single, use this time to work out, garden, or go for a jog. If you're in a relationship, don't fret the small things too much. Just give yourself a few extra minutes in the day to compensate for any delays."

If you're already an anxiety-prone person, Virgo, it might be a good idea to get ahead of any possible anxiety by setting up positive and productive habits for the next few weeks that will help you cope if you start to get stressed.


Libra (September 23 - October 22)

"As an air sign, communication is very important to you," says Mckean. "Ruled by Venus, you're naturally very graceful with what you say. However, this Mercury retrograde will result in crossed wires with your partner if you don't audit what you're about to say or proofread your texts."

As for your ex? "You're also likely to hear from an ex-lover, or a current or former partner's ex," says Mckean. "Fortunately, you will not let this upset you, but when Mercury goes direct again, it may leave you wondering why they got in touch. In that case, it's best to leave things in the past."

Well, Libra, that's good news — to not let the past upset you. What a nice change for once!


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

"Scorpios love knowledge; for to them knowledge is power," says Mckean. "For your love life, you can go one of two ways with how [you] share your knowledge during this Mercury retrograde, considering we'll also have a few other planets in retrograde and the eclipse just wrapping up. You can either use it to open up to your partner and share old memories, how you feel, or future plans. Alternatively, you can use the information you have on your partner to find out more about them. It may feel emotionally raw for the retrograde, but when the planets go direct again, you'll feel a sense of relief. Single or in a relationship, sharing a little bit of your vulnerable side if the key."

While not everyone likes to feel vulnerable, when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable we learn not just about others, but about ourselves. That goes for all relationships, romantic or otherwise.


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

"Always ready for the next adventure, Sagittarius can go with the flow on short notice," says Mckean. "While this retrograde will definitely bring unexpected excitement, setbacks, and delays, you are fortunate in that you will be a beacon of optimism for those unable to handle it well. If you're involved with someone, this can make you look like a hero. If you're single, you'll undoubtedly attract love prospects to you." Basically, Sagittarius, you got this one.


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

"If any one sign is prepared for the retrograde, it's you, Capricorn," says Mckean. "This is a great time to take off from work and spend time at your favorite vacation destination. Any delays or miscommunication won't set you back too long. While you're relaxed during this period, your love life will bloom. You always knew the payoff would come after all your hard work."

It's in the preparation for this retrograde that you'll be able to kick back and take it all in stride, Capricorn. As Mckean points out, your hard work has paid off, so now it's time to treat yourself.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

"Since the Mercury retrograde appears in the sign of Leo, which is opposite your sign a day before the full lunar eclipse happens in your sign of Aquarius, this may feel like a very unbalanced time for you emotionally," says Mckean. But you're not doomed.

"Be patient with those around you," she says. "Normally detached and objective, your love life might feel a bit volatile. If you're single, it's better for you to stick to mingling till the retrograde passes. If you're in a relationship, you might be surprised at how your partner enjoys seeing a side of you they've never seen before."

While no one ever said being emotional is a bad thing, at least if you're aware of this impending state of mind, you won't have to wonder why you're in your feelings a bit more than usual.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

"The main thing for you to look out for this retrograde are missed messages, emails, or other communication that gets sent but doesn't make it to its destination on time," says Mckean. "If you're single, the way this affects your love life is by making you feel like your mojo is out. Instinctive as you are, you won't fret and you know it'll return spontaneously (of course, right when Mercury goes direct). If you're in a relationship, keep track of your communications so that your partner doesn't think you're ignoring them. If you don't hear back from your partner in time, don't take it personally, things will be clear for you in a relatively short time."

If you roll with the punches, Pisces, you'll get through this round of Mercury retrograde unscathed. And that's the ultimate goal for all of us this summer.

As you can see, your love life won't be doomed in the next few weeks. If you start to feel Mercury retrograde's effects though, consider Mckean's advice of taking a step back and reflecting: "Before you post your tweet or send your email, you may want to take a few precautionary steps if you don't want it to affect your love life."


*Note: A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to the folks at Bustle Magazine, where this was originally published on June 10, 2018. Skillfully presented by, Amanda Chatel, a writer who divides her time between NYC and Paris. She's a regular contributor to Glamour, Bolde, Livingly, and Mic. Other bylines include: Harper's Bazaar, The Atlantic, Forbes, Elle, Huffington Post, The Frisky, and BlackBook. Thank you again, Bustle!!!!!!


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