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Happy Chinese New Year!

In Ben Ming Nian, the Chinese Zodiac Birth Year, February 1, 2022 marks the Year of the Tiger. Every 12 years you will reencounter your Chinese Zodiac animal at the ages of 12, 24, 36...They are known as threshold years.

In ancient Chinese folklore, reencountering your birth animal is an ominous year that bring barriers to your happiness in life because you could offend the mysterious celestial body that controls your fortune. You could expect greater change in all areas of your life during the threshold year than usual. Sometimes, you may get opportunities to take advantage of which can bring you great achievements, but the reward doesn't come without challenges.

It's also inadvisable to decide on major changes during the threshold year such as starting a new business, moving, or marrying, for example. Keeping life status quo with a low profile is advised.

There are ways to mitigate the bad fortune during your threshold year in Chinese astrology. Dressing in red is the most popular remedy. Red is a color for bravery, success, and festivity, among other things. Usually it's a small part of your outfit such as your underclothes, socks, shoes, or belt. You can't buy your own red clothing, it should be bought and gifted to you. Red keeps evil spirits away and tramples on dishonor.

Wearing a talisman is also another way to mitigate evil or misfortune during your threshold year. A talisman such as a jade piece of jewelry or gold both are believed to help with improving good fortune.

One could wear accessories with the Pixiu, or a mythical creature in China that can suppress misfortune and improve wealth.

Also, giving blood could help with averting physical injuries or ill health.

Much like Western astrology has difficult aspects such as squares and harmonious aspects such as trines, the Chinese Zodiac wheel also has similar views. It's not advised for someone to be with a birth year animal 4 years apart from them, but favorable, like a trine, if three years apart.

So, take note of which year you were born, find your Chinese zodiac animal, and if you're a tiger, consider implementing remedies noted above, and most of all, be patient. This too shall pass.


Cindy Mckean

Kansas City Astrology & Tarot LLC (816) 895-2545 Skype ID: Kansas_City_Astrology_and_Tarot_LLC


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