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Relocation Astrology Helps Navigate to Love

“I’m in love!” chirped, Ashley*, over the phone. “I immediately knew he was the one! You told me we’d find each other no matter where in the world we are!”

In the summer of 2015, Ashley had an unusual astrology consultation. She reached a stage in her life where she wanted to venture beyond her comfort zone. With one quick look at her chart, I could see Ashley was conservative and fixed. I asked her why she wanted to travel. Her response was quick and succinct, “To find my soulmate.”

The idea that two people can cross paths at the right place and the right time in their life journey where a set of events are already in motion so that they can fall in love is simply magical. Some of us are lucky and find love “when one least expects it” as old wisdoms balm. It is a wisdom that indicates an element of passivity though.

Finding love is entirely different from finding a soulmate. When two people interact, they can learn to love each other. Some are lucky enough to be struck by Cupid’s arrow. Ashley, on the other hand, didn’t want to find just love. She was willing to go on a quest to find her second half. She took it upon herself to increase her chances by travelling to where she’d most likely find him. With that, the beginnings of a great love story were already in the making.

A specialty field of astrology, astromapping, is the astrology of relocation is applied to see how the energies would change around you by moving to an area where planets are “plugged in” to cardinal points in an astrological natal chart. Those geographic areas around the world, which are personal to your own moment and place of birth, are charged specifically for you. With astromapping and relocation astrology, you can identify different locations that energetically provide more support for you, as well as locations you’re better off avoiding.

When astrologers look for indicators for love in a client, the basic tradition is to look at Venus and Mars in an astrology chart. Venus is the archetype of beauty, love, femininity. Mars is the archetype for passion, drive, and how an individual goes about getting what they want.

Where you’ll find your soulmate

Relocation astrology postulates that you can reap the benefits of moving to a location that would lend a person to better energies—be it love, money, career, fame, fertility, friendship, excitement…

When one can’t make the planets move any faster towards the right planetary placements in their chart, a relocation or a visit to an area that highlights that energy is the next best thing; some astrologers, like myself, might even argue that it’s better.

If you were born with a Venus ascendant (it rising up past the horizon at the time and location you were born) or if Venus in the sky today is passing your ascendant, you’d find yourself attracting people without any effort on your part.

Only around 1 of 360 of us are fortunate enough to be born with that placement. If it’s transiting past your ascendant, it passes relatively quickly. Venus stays in a sign approximately 23 days to a little over 2 months.

Sometimes Venus needs a little push. That’s where Mars comes in. Mars was Venus’ lover. A positive Mars connection to Venus is a strong indication of irresistible chemistry and magnetism. In a woman’s chart, it may be better if it’s descending on the horizon as it would add a little more gumption to how she reacts and receives a proposal.

Affairs of the heart are rarely straightforward, and neither is astrology. It’s important to see what aspects a planet has, look at where the planets are today (transits) and most importantly, determine if one is ready for a serious relationship.

Travel is not always required

Ashley was ready as ever. In Italy, she had favorable Venus and Mars placements. She said she immediately felt the effects of the planetary energies as soon as she got on the plane from Chicago to Italy where there were a lot of Italians on the flight. She didn’t meet her current husband while in Italy though.

On her trip back home there was a storm so her flight was delayed in Chicago. She was stuck at the airport for 36 hours. Even though she astrologically had no major aspects or planetary power lines, there is where she met her husband. He was on his way to California. His flight was also delayed.

They kept each other company at the airport and spoke about life, family, love, and the future. He rearranged his sojourn in the US to include a two day visit to Kansas City that quickly was extended to two weeks. He proposed at the end of his visit and six weeks later, they got married! They now live in Kansas City together with a new addition to their family, a baby girl.

What she experienced is referred to as remote activation in relocation astrology. It isn’t about being where the planetary energies were favorable for love, the power of the law of attraction is amplified just from meeting someone from a particular area powerful according your chart.

Ashley’s story is just one example, and one aspect of how astromapping can help you identify where you can help manifest your destiny. She is a perfect example of not only manifesting one’s destiny but of someone who used all the tools necessary to help her achieve her goals.

* Names changed to protect the privacy of clients.

This article was featured in the September 2017 issue of Evolving Magazine, Kansas City's own metaphysical magazine! A special thanks to Jill Dutton and her crew!


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