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Birth times: Where and how to get yours.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

A lot of people who want to get an Astrology reading might feel discouraged to do so because they don't have their exact time of birth available. They also can't find a reliable source.

How to remedy this? Asides from a baby book that your mother or grandmother may have made, or a hospital record, the most common way is to get a "Long Form" Birth Certificate. Often the copy of your birth certificate everyone has at home is the "short form".

What's the Difference?

The majority of people have a copy of their short form, but not their long form. This is because the short form is a notarized document that lists that the long form certificate exists on file, it's the file provided as an index. The long form is the actual certificate of birth on file with the locality where the birth took place and the exact time of birth.

For the most part, the short form doesn't have the same amount of details as the long form - that means it also doesn't have a time of birth on it (a few states like Hawaii have that info, but in Kansas and Missouri, it doesn't).

Below, you'll see examples of the "Long Form" and "Short Form" Birth Certificates.

First, I included the "Long Form" below. This is to show you that there's more detail involved, including your birth order if you're a twin or triplet, your parents' names and birth place. (I circled the birth time in green).

Long Form Birth Certificate
Example of Long Form Birth Certificate (Time of birth and other details included)

Now, the "Short Form" Birth Certificate below. I know it's a different state, but remember, I'm using publicly released birth certificates. Some states vary and the short form has the time of birth (like Hawaii), but you're taking a risk if you order the short form to get your birth time.

Example of a Short Form Birth Certificate (No time of birth included)

You can get a long form from the Department of Vital Statistics in the state you were born in (this department name varies among different states). Alternatively, you can order one online through a website called VitalChek ( Many states use VitalChek as the document service for certificates (birth, death, marriage). Sometimes you'll even find that if you go through the official state website and click to order your birth certificate online, they're redirect you to VitalChek. That's a happy comfort!

In my years of reading charts, I've found that as little as 2 minutes can make all the difference, but sometimes as much as 15 minutes doesn't have much impact. It all depends on how close to a cusp that a planet might be. (A cusp is where two astrological signs or houses meet in a chart.) Nonetheless, the more accurate, the better for you. You're paying a decent amount of change to get an astrology reading after all!

I keep that in mind when you send me your birth info. If you sent me a well rounded time like, say 2 PM, or 4:15 AM, I'd ask you where you got your birth info and to double check. Also, if I see something key in your chart is on a cusp, I'd double check with you about your birth time. I'd hate to read a chart thinking your Moon is in Aquarius when it's really in Pisces, for instance - they are two VERY different manifestations.

In summary, if you don't have your birth time, can't get it from a mommy book, the hospital you were born in, or your long form birth certificate, VitalChek is a very good resource.

Interested in an astrology reading? Send me an email or schedule a reading online!

Good luck, very best, and namaste!!!!

Note: the birth certificates posted are strictly used for examples. I am no way endorsing, supporting, or intending to propagate a specific political entity, party, politician, or otherwise. They were officially released it to the public, so I'm using them ONLY as examples. Clear? Good. :-)


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