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Happy Birthday, Scorpio!

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

The Sun enters Scorpio on Friday, October 23, 2015 at 12:47 P .M. CDT.

One of the deepest and most intelligent members of the zodiac is the Scorpio.

Intense, formidable, and determined, they know how to keep a stoic expression even if their emotions are seething under that unruffled exterior.

Scorpios also have a reputation for holding grudges. This is not exactly accurate. A better description is that they don't forget a thing and they are quick to defend themselves if hurt. Though they may struggle with pangs of envy and the tendency to take things personally, they have the power from within to change this.

Not all Scorpios attack with the notorious epic sting when they are adequately provoked. Many get their message across clearly then walk away - and more people than you'd expect get hurt more by that. A few punish themselves. This is why Scorpios are described as either Eagles (higher octave), Scorpions (mundane octave), or Serpents (lower octave). They are the most likely sign to be able to regenerate no matter how hard they're knocked down.

Another reputation attached to Scorpio is sexiness. They often exude sexuality with comfort that takes years for others to reach but share closeness with only a chosen few and their intimate secrets with even less.

Scorpios are good at keeping things private. You can trust a Scorpio who counts you as a friend with a secret. They are also refreshingly honest and don't hold heirs - a rare commodity. As a water sign, they are prone to emotional sensitivity and moodiness, but with that also comes super loyalty and the ability to hone in on thoughts that other's can't.

Scorpios are achievers. They can never be accused of being lazy. If they set a goal, they will reach it by hook or by crook.

With a Scorpio in your personal orb, be sure you are counted as special!

For all of us, while Sun is in Scorpio

During this time of year (Oct. 23 - Nov 22):

With the intensity and focus that Sun in Scorpio brings, this is a great time to get things done that you have long put off. Whatever matters that you haven't been dealing with are better faced during this time.

If you have an intent to go through a transformation, now is the time to start given Scorpio's profound ability to turn things around.

This is the time to complete unfinished business, in synch with the third and final harvest before winter sets in.

Preceding Sagittarius the Archer, a sign that also delivers an injection through it's arrow (instead of through a stinger like Scorpio), take a step back and look at the big picture before aiming for your target.

Avoid making hasty decisions and instead review all angles of a situation or circumstance before making a judgement.

Do you have a Do you have a friend or loved one who's a Scorpio (Between Oct. 23 - Nov 22)? Or maybe you are a Scorpio? ​

Why not schedule an appointment for an astrology reading to seek ways to make this upcoming birthday year as fulfilling as possible. Astrology readings for Scorpios will be 25% off while the sun is in that sign. Just enter "Scorpio25" upon checkout or I send you an invoice reflecting that discount. Readings last around 60 - 90 minutes and include a 30 minute follow up reading 3 months after your initial reading. Visit my Astrology page for more information.

Ciao for now!


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