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Fame, Fortune, & Blessings: Star of Jupiter in Palmistry

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Star of Jupiter Palmistry

A beautiful and radiant young lady who worked part time as a model came in for a palmistry reading.

Her questions revolved around career prospects with modeling. She didn't know if she was wasting her time or if she should just focus on school for now.

In her palm, I saw indications for someone with good executive ability (by the shape of her hand and clarity of her lines) that's extremely creative but practical (outward bow of the medial side of her hand, plus a forked headline).

Best of all, she had the Star of Jupiter in her palm. This is a positive indication for success and recognition in one's personal and business endeavors.

As we know, all of our fingers are important, but asides from the thumb, the index finger is by far one of the most used fingers. Thus, in palmistry it's crowned with the title of Jupiter, the Roman name for Father of the Gods.

Two fingers connecting

The mount, or the fleshy part immediately below the finger is called the mount of Jupiter in palmistry. This mount has correspondence to the Midheaven and Ascendant in Astrology. It's about how one is perceived in the world and how that person approaches situations in their environment.

Other indications such as the markings and type of fingerprint pattern on that mount give more clues as to how that person will manifest his or her potential for success.

The star of Jupiter has at least six points. Some stars are eight pointed but those are extremely rare. Ideally, they should be untouched by other lines on that mound; however, if there are other shapes on the mound that touch the star, it could be fortuitous. For instance, a square shape on or around the star further indicates positive blessings on a person's career.

How the main palm lines (head, heart, life, and fate lines) connect with the star, if at all, are also indicators of how success will be achieved. We also have to factor in the fleshiness and color of the mound and markings, colors, and fleshiness of other mounds to see if there are supporting or challenging influences.

Nonetheless, a star on the mount of Jupiter is quite a blessing. Check out your palm to see if you have one!



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