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Kim Davis - Love is in the Air

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Kim Davis, a county clerk in Kentucky, has been in the press quite a bit lately. Her fame or notoriety, depending on how you see it, stems from her refusal to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple earlier this September 2015. She's been found in contempt of the Supreme Court order to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples and was subsequently sent to jail for a week and is now out.

Her birthdate is published on Wiki, September 17, 1965, but her birth time is unknown. We can still get information just from knowing the date and location.

With a service-oriented Virgo Sun (squaring Jupiter) and Moon in Gemini, there are indications that she needs to be recognized for doing what she believes is right.

Despite not having an exact birth time, her mindset can be gleaned from her chart. For example, we can see that when trying to get her message across, her Mercury (communication) conjunct Uranus (unconventional) and Pluto (intense), all in Virgo (detail oriented), would make her messages mighty intense. Those 3 planets are opposing retrograde Saturn (discipline/male) in Pisces (the sign that looks deep in you). That suggests an amount of necessary control, challenges with a father or father-figure, possibly authority, and someone who searches deep within the soul.. Thus, she believes what she is doing is always right.

The relationship of Mars (warrior) and Neptune (peace) in Scorpio (covert) in her chart indicate charm, ability to deceive, and religious zeal. Mars in Scorpio gives her the courage to stand up to scandal. This also explains why she isn't afraid to sue to governor of KY and has the boldness to run for office.

If you're not super tight with orbs, she has a Grand Trine with Venus (also in Scorpio) with Jupiter and Saturn. Usually Grand Trines are seen as a good thing to have in one's chart, or a lucky aspect. Perhaps some see it as lucky being able to be married to 3 different people 4 different times (one of them she married twice.) But this pattern also indicates that she's her own law maker. I'd bet you she's gotten away with that quite a bit throughout her life.

But that's the clincher - a positive aspect between Venus and Jupiter generally gets people to like you. Throw Saturn into that mix and people would even respect you. She also has a connection between Sun and Venus and even without her birth time, I'm guessing she has a connection between Venus and the Moon. In other words, being loved and adored is a big theme in her life. She has a long list of people who love her: her husbands, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, conservative religious faiths... You get the point.

Nonetheless, the Pluto and Saturn placements in her chart could spur quite a polarity: love or hate, black or white, in or out... And as we see, some people love her, some people hate her.

If her birth time becomes available, it'd be interesting to see which planet(s) is/are close to hitting or on her Midheaven now...because she is most certainly in the public eye.. and I'd guess it's Jupiter. I'll certainly update you if I find out!

As you can see, even without a birth time, a lot can be determined about you from your natal chart so long you have the correct date and location. If you're interested in a reading, contact me anytime.

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