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Happy Birthday, Leo!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Happy Birthday Leo!

The Sun enters Leo tonight at 10:31 PM, CDT, giving us a month of Sun in Leo pleasure. Leos are fun and famed, forgiving and feisty.

And while that is true, they sometimes unintentionally go OTT and subtlety escapes them. But can we ever blame them? Being ruled by the Sun, Leos can't help but shine! Naturally, they may add some drama and exuberance that spices things up - which brings life to what otherwise might be a humdrum situation.

Leadership is as natural to them as air is to us. They don't want to be weak or show signs of weakness, so behind that feisty façade is a tender but very brave heart (think of the lion on Wizard of Oz). Unlike the lion in Oz, they don't want to admit they could be as frail as the rest of us, but they address within themselves that they are vulnerable as everyone us.

They are one of the most creative of the Sun Signs. They get inspiration from adoration and purr contentedly when they are lauded (maybe I should have said, "lionized").

Let's wish all your Leo friends a Happy Birthday!

What does Sun in Leo Mean for YOU?

During Sun in Leo, the Sun is in its home sign. It's a time for all of us to explore and joyfully come to life with courage, daring, and panache. Take risks of creativity and expression of your true self to evolve even more.

Leo Sun is intensely individual. It's a time when speaking up is healthy instead of being just "one of the team". Change things up in your home, add vibrant colors, speak your mind, and enjoy what the sun can do for you and your health! Turn up the volume in your self-confidence, expand your visibility, and add that flare to your image that you might have always wanted to do.

No matter what your sign is, Sun in Leo is the time to come out of your shells, expand who you are, and take pleasure in all the good things in life!


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