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Living with Pluto

It's been a while since I wrote. I've been dealing with issues that living under a Pluto line has put directly in front of me. So with that, I begin my story of what's happened in the last couple of months and how it's worked out for the better.

Note: If you already know a bit about Astrology and Astro*Carto*Graphy, or if you just want to immediately get to the core of this article, skip to the 10th paragraph that starts with, "Ok, back to Pluto"... Or bear along for an informative read.

Lately I've been able to delve more into an area of study in Astrology called "Astro*Carto*Graphy". It's also nicknamed, "Astromapping, and "Astrocartography" (same words without the asterisks), or simply "A*C*G". Going forward in this article, I'll refer to it as ACG.

ACG uses advanced trigonometry to calculate your chart in relation to either the equator or the ecliptic and cast it on the Earth. ACG focuses on the angles in your chart. There are four angles in your chart. Clockwise from the top, they are your Midheaven or Medium Coeli (MC), Descendant, Imum Coeli (IC), and Ascendant. They all mean something different and are usually related to how we connect with the world.

Before I make this into an article about angles, I'll just quickly tell you what the angles represent.

  • The Ascendant is the angle that the signs were rising up into the sky over the horizon. It rules over how people perceive you on first impression. It's your outward appearance. It also represents how you see yourself and your outlook.

  • The Descendant is the angle that signs descend down past the horizon line. It demonstrates the way that you interact with other people and what you look for in partners and friends.

  • The MC is the middle of the sky, high noon. Traditionally it represents status, aspirations, public reputation, career, and the paternal aspect of family.

  • The IC is the lowest point of the sky, the Nadir. It represents what makes you feel secure and how you seek that security. It also represents your roots and foundations, and the maternal aspect of family.

So let's talk about how it's like to live under a Pluto line. Actually, I can talk about how it's like living under Pluto in regards to two angles: Pluto conjunct the IC or Imum Coeli, and Pluto conjunct the Ascendant.

But you might want to know what conjunct means? When a planet is conjunct an angle (or another planet), it means that it is in pretty close proximity - anywhere from 0-10 degrees apart when looking at them in the sky from the earth. It's a pretty powerful aspect, as each planet (or angle) intensifies or blends each other's characteristics. The effect depends on which planet is hitting what. It could range from anything like hitting a big speed bump (with repercussions) or like putting a flaming steel ball into vat of cold water.

But back to Pluto it conjuncting the IC and Ascendant. I'll talk from an astrological point of view and how it has been like experiencing it personally, since these are the power lines in play for my husband and me. (Note: I digress a tiny bit in the next 3 paragraphs if you want to get to the main meat of Pluto/AS and Pluto/IC. If you're familiar with Pluto and angles, skip the next 6 paragraphs.)

Did I tell you I am from New York? I am. So is my husband. We have very different power lines there vs. here in Kansas City, MO. So did we feel the difference? You betcha! Do my experiences affect him and his me? Yup - this is what happens esp. if one person has a planet on the IC (guilty!)

Let me say something else in regards to moving. Sure, culture plays a difference. But we've both travelled (and lived) far and wide, nationally and internationally. We felt how it was like to experience culture divides when living in places super different from the U.S.A. where we don't speak the language, where the West hasn't globalized, or where we don't look like anyone around us. Subcultural differences are subtle, but just as impactful. Do they play a role in relocating - sure! But it's your energy lines that help play a role in how you handle the differences.

I compare this to "clicking" with someone. Have you ever met someone you just click with? Or someone who you can't stand for no good reason, you can't pinpoint it but you just don't like him/her? Same with relocating. Sometimes you land somewhere you might think is spectacular - like Paris, for example, but you get there and it's not what you hope, thought, or expected, even though everything is as described by brochures, other people, and travel logs and photos. You feel blue in Paris and it appears dim, even though it's a city of love and lights. Then you go to Shanghai - a place you might be weary of landing in because, well, who wants to "get Shanghai'd"? Unlike French, where you might be able to make out the words if you speak English because of the same Latin roots, you know you won't be able to make out the language in China. But then you land there and you LOVE it - couldn't feel better. Yet though, like Paris, it wasn't different from described, you see and feel it differently. This is your power line(s) at play.

Ok, back to Pluto. What does Pluto represent: transformation, death, rebirth, power, underworld, intensity, invasiveness, feces, caves, the underworld, and sex, among other things.

What about our angles? An ascending line in ACG relates to how others will perceive you and how you express yourself. The IC line is one of family roots, your roots, home, property, psychological foundation, karma, and retirement. And all the other things I said above for both angles.

Mix them together and what do you get? Finding yourself in the midst of an intense roller coaster ride in the dark of night without the benefit of moonlight or stars to help us find your way.

Alright, I'll just give you examples. Luckily, we rent here. It might not sound so lucky until you know what a Pluto/IC line has brought us. We live in a beautiful community. All of our neighbors say that they can't find anything that compares, even having gone to as many as 30 other properties looking for that perfect home. Whatever problems the community has, people turn a blind eye to. Not for us though. Even if we want to turn a blind eye, Pluto props our eyes open with toothpicks and tape. Not only that, it'll point our gaze in the direction it wants us to look at. Like what you ask? Turns out the community we live in has sinkholes (Pluto - underground, caves). Our part of the community has the biggest and most active sinkholes. The ground around our house has been ever so slowly (Pluto again, with the sloooow movement) sloughing down into a pond behind our house. Pluto represents the underground and caves. It's directly affecting my home, my IC.

Then there's my neighbor - who hopefully will be moving out at the end of the month if she respects her eviction notice. (Update: she did, she did!!) What did my neighbor bring? Feces. (Pluto) Yep. Two dogs that she wouldn't pick up after - she downright refused to. They defecated on everyone's yards but ours was defecated on the most because of proximity - and because there's less sloughing of the land behind my door than hers, it's a more level ground for her dogs to run on.

What's a little poo (or a lot in my case)? Well, seeing that she was forced to pick up her dog poo by management or leave, her anger and resentment was intense, and it was aimed at us because we're the ones who complained in writing. She'd pick up the poo in doggy poo bags, then sling them like bolos at our house - the siding, the cement base, and the windows. More Pluto/IC: feces/home. Intense anger/my home. She also kicked the flood lights out so we'd be in the dark. Are you getting the theme here? Good.

She was supposed to leave earlier, but she was, uh, "fraternizing" with the head of security in the community who happens to be a police officer in KCPD. Pluto - sex, authority. This was something we had to tread lightly around.

How else did Pluto/IC affect me? Remember I mentioned retirement earlier with the IC? My scientific career came to a grinding halt when I moved here. That's saying a lot because I have quite an impressive resume with the experience and qualifications to back it. I was regularly offered jobs by recruiters both locally (northeast) and internationally when I lived in NYC - a Sun/MC line. I literally shined in NYC. In Kansas City, I didn't even get an interview no matter how closely my CV matches the job description. It doesn't help that KC is insular and I'm an outsider but I never experienced anything like this. But it happens for a reason and only Pluto can have the ability to have that sort of power.

That helped me switch careers (Pluto and transformation) into the esoteric sector (Pluto rules the unknown/hidden). As a matter of fact, it's helping me build a great foundation (IC) both with business and esoteric knowledge.

What about my husband's Pluto line conjunct his ascendant? As a full time student in his 40's surrounded by a bunch of students in their 20's, they perceive him as "the old guy". Having grown up in urbania, NYC, there were a lot of things he didn't do, things that you can't dare do on your own, that he's learned by "force" to do here. Like change a tire in traffic. In other words, Pluto on the Ascendant made him change his approach and definitely made him comfortable getting out of his comfort zone.

Combined, our Pluto lines have affected us by making us turn our house into a safe-haven. Pluto is currently transiting the sign of Capricorn (it will be until 2023). Capricorn is all about structure, order, and keeping things under control. Pluto likes to be in control too but behind the scenes. Together, Pluto in Capricorn means that you are under surveillance. Ever notice the ever-increasing amount of cameras everywhere that are hidden in plain sight, such as near a stoplight?

Pluto in Capricorn on the Ascendant translates to not hiding the fact that you are under surveillance. In our neighborhood, neighbors see us (ascendant), as the house (IC) of strength and safekeeping (Pluto).

We have video surveillance on all sides of our home with no blind spots. The alarm system is wired to a system of triggers and actions. Though it runs on wi-fi, it's backed up by cellular. In case someone tries to be malevolent and cut the power supply, it's backed up by long-duration batteries. A series of triggers are set up to notify authorities and family live with video and snapshots of all angles of our house. Even our mailbox that's in front of my neighbor's house and our driveway are security-clad. This would have never happened if the energy of our Pluto lines didn't compel us to do this. Just like I wouldn't have ever had the time to study more into the esoteric (like ACG) had Pluto not created the opportunity.

So, although it's trying and disrupts your routine to create a new one, Pluto has its advantages. It's sort of like tough love. Like it or not, Pluto will show you your full potential and reroute you to where you need to go.

Want to find out what your lines are here? Book an Astromapping reading with Kansas City Astrology & Tarot.


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