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Ebola - The Next Pandemic?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Will the Ebola virus be the next world pandemic? Looking at mundane charts, it will not be. Phew! We can breathe a sigh of relief, literally!

If the picture isn't clear now, blame Neptune - the planet of illusions. I suspect that there might also be a scare that the virus might go airborn (droplet infection - like from people who sneeze or cough on you). This will all be contained; however, because Saturn will square Neptune. Saturn is a restricting planet - and already we're seeing the effects will the heavily enforced quarantines with those suspected of being infected. Saturn is also diligent, thus, scientists will be hard at work looking for a prevention, a vaccine. So, no cure will be found (i.e. no anti-viral), but at least a line of defence will come to existence. Expect more outbreaks throughout 2015 until the vaccine is mass-produced and released to the mass public in 2016 when the square between Saturn and Neptune becomes more exact. Oh yeah, and expect more of those elusive types, like the nurse who willfully broke her quarantine rules.

I also suspect that another reason that Ebola won't become a pandemic is because of the partial solar eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio with a New Moon on October 23, 2014. Wow. Eye Opener. New Beginnings. Fresh Start. Purge.

As grandmother always said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Astrologically, the New Moon eclipse at zero degrees Scorpio will have a powerful effect on people. Any zero degree aspect has the world’s full attention, especially if it's in Scorpio. In Qaballah, the sign of Scorpio resonates with the number zero, for zero is both nothing when standing alone yet, adding a zero after any number can increase its value...zeros can keep doing this to - infinity. When you have nothing to lose, anything you gain - or maintain - has more value.

There's the eclipse... only partial in North America, an eclipse nevertheless - obscuring the light, during Scorpio's time - Scorpio, a sign that would die for the truth. This is in line with Scorpio's theme - endings and new beginnings. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and they are about elimination of waste in the body, the home, basements, society - among other things. There is more awareness on the self and the relationships one's self is allowed with the external.

So with the eclipse people will think about getting rid of what they no longer need. A purge, a cleansing, a detox - and make it a permanent change. They will not want to carry, pack, hold on to, acquire, what they don't need just for the sake of having it be they relationships, objects, or routines. They will not be careless, especially not with their health. With a new moon, it's a chance for a new step - what a more powerful time than to take it in Scorpio under these conditions!

So Ebola, though a pernicious and bloody, is no match for this astrological combination - an evasive Neptune, a strict Saturn with a clinical approach, a Scorpio with "blood" as it's middle name, and a new moon lunar eclipse that uses an old trick to avoid a potentially ubiquitous enemy.

Still, with Pluto and Saturn playing a prominent role, one can't help but wonder if the two will play a role (a rather large role) in a pandemic. When the two planets are making a strong aspect to each other, historically there have been global crises of some kind. For example, the Spanish Flu of January 1918, Pluto and Saturn featured prominently. In January 2020, Saturn and Pluto will be conjunct in the sign of Capricorn. Maybe there's will be a global crisis to look out for. Let's hope not! But whatever it is, expect devastation and world-wide changes to long-existing structures, systems, and lifestyles. In a way, it's good (maybe not for some), but in the big picture it is.

Keep safe, keep healthy!


Pluto Core
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