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Using Astrology to Manifest What You Want

First and foremost, I'd like to give a heartfelt thanks Jill Dutton and Connie "Crash" Humistead for the privilege and honor of the chance to publish an article about Astrology!


The theme for Evolving Magazine in Kansas City (C) for the month of October 2015 is, "Revelations". It offers examples of energy (such as quantum mechanics and law of attraction) used for spiritual growth and development. You can find out more about Evolving Magazine in KC at


I will speaking in greater detail about this at the Psychical Research Society's (PRS) Annual Psychic Fair at 12 P.M. on Saturday, October 17, 2015.


If you happen to get a copy of Evolving Magazine, my article is on Page 9. In the meantime, for your convenience, here is the article:

"There are many tools out to help people use the law of attraction to manifest what they want in their lives. Some of the more common ways are meditation, mantras, and immersion, to name a few. If you’ve tried those and found they don’t work for you, then an unusual but precise tool that could help you more easily achieve this is astrology.


In astrology, the study of the stars, your natal chart or horoscope is a snapshot of the sky the moment you took your first breath at your time of birth. It details where the planets of the solar system were in relation to each other with the Earth being the center of the observer's scope. It’s your personal astrological signature.


The ways the planets relate to each other correspond to themes and patterns in all areas of your life's development. What kind of impression you make on people, how you handle finances, what sort of career path you'll likely follow, what kind of partner you're attracted to, your family dynamics, health concerns, sex, love, travel, friendship, failure...and so much more. 


This is how astrology ties in with the law of attraction. Your astrological signature is a good indication of what comes more natural for you to manifest in your life. It also indicates your fears, worries, and obstacles. For after all, one must not forget Sir Issac Newton’s third law of motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


In other words, with the law of attraction comes the law of repulsion. While manifesting things in your life through the law of attraction, the law of repulsion is a perfect opportunity to purge the things you don’t want. That makes room for better things to come your way.


Just like the planetary orbits, attraction and repulsion are in cycle with each other. Some of the cycles are personal whilst others occur to the population at large. Sometimes we carry the things we do not wish to have. In turn, the result is having too much of what you don’t want in your life. Your astrology chart may indicate areas where it’s better for you to let go in order to blossom.


Your personal potential is indicated in your horoscope. For example, say your horoscope indicates that it would be hard to manifest money in your life. An astrologer can determine an opportune time for prosperity, regardless of your astrological signature, by looking at your transits. A transit is seeing where the planets are today and the impact they have on your personal horoscope.  


Having the power of that perspective lets you know that you aren't alone, imagining things, or out of control. That kind of power will help you understand your past, why things are currently happening in your life, and what kind of things you can expect in your upcoming future.


Understanding your own astrological signature will allow you to use your skill set at your very best to harness the law of attraction. Welcome to the power of your horoscope!"


If you are looking for a personal consultation on what your personal Astrological powers are to manifest what you want, contact me anytime!


Blessings & Love,

Cindy Mckean

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