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Finding Happiness All Around You and in the Palms of Your Hands

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your life has dramatically changed? Whether they are due to internal or external circumstances, you may be able to find comfort in the fact that each change is an adaptation to the circumstances around you and each adaptation is an evolution towards the ability to find greater joy in your life.


Uncertainty about the future is often a source of anxiety for many people. By simply having an idea of what to expect next, we can find confidence and strength to move forward. What dictates the level of joy you can experience depends on how you react to your surroundings. Your reaction might not be typical or expected, but you can definitely get a very big head start just by looking at the sky above you or in the palm of your hands!

Palms are read as a reflection of the human figure and are seen as a microcosm within the complexities of the cosmos (astrology), as the macrocosm. Although astrology and palmistry have roots from the same source, they both provide much different information that can help you find, create, and maintain joy.


In astrology, the study of the celestial bodies and how they affect you and the affairs of the natural world, we are “geo-tagged” by the cosmos when we are born. The snapshot of the sky at the time you are born is what becomes your Natal Chart. It is your unique astrological signature. When an astrologer reads your chart, he or she will be able to discern your character, patterns and themes in your life, areas where you'll have difficulties, and behaviors that come naturally to you.


Even though you may be inclined towards certain things, how you express those inclinations are a matter of free will. For example, you may have astrological indications of someone who would be prone to distractions. With that inclination, you can become a person who never gets anything done which could be a constant source of frustration, or you can react to distractions differently allowing them to guide you towards being a superb multitasker allowing you to gain a sense of fulfillment.


Despite being geo-tagged, just as the planets in the sky change positions, you too will find shifts of being. This is the process of evolving. We find a way to adapt in accordance to our surroundings, often striving towards happiness with our evolution.

In palmistry, the study of the lines and markings on your palms, you can get an indication of what to expect in the future based on your current state. Even though your fingerprints never change, everything else, such as the lines and markings, can and often does change. Think of it as being similar to a blood test. A specific lab result today doesn't mean that it will be that way the rest of your life.

Your dominant hand (the hand you use more often) indicates what you have made of your life while your recessive hand indicates the life you were meant to live. You will be amazed at how your hands compare to each other. If they're both the same, you're living the life you're meant to live. If you see that one is very different from the other, you will be able to take a look back at your life and remember when and how you took control of your path.


Being armed with that knowledge is extremely empowering!


While reaching your destination is a beautiful reward, your journey on the way there is full of blessings. A little bit of knowledge to guide you towards your personal happiness can make everything much more bearable. Your renewed perspective of what you have accomplished so far will provide you with plenty of motivation, and ultimately, joy. Sometimes all you need to do is look up for guidance and remember that your fate is in your hands! 

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