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My clients come from all walks of life but they all have 3 things in common: they're adventurous, they're curious, and they're open. What does that mean, exactly? 

To seek a psychic reading, even in 2020, means you're adventurous. To be willing to get one by phone or online takes a significantly more adventurous spirit. Those adventurous spirits want to know more so their curiosity compels them to explore my site. Then they book not knowing what to expect and with that, they're open. Many clients enjoy their experience and come back for multiple readings (approximately 88% of my clients have more than one reading with me). 


When you're at a mall, festival, or bookstore and you see a psychic and decide to get a reading on the spot, that's spontaneity; it's not necessarily sought out. Sometimes it's beautiful synchronicity, but...


Unfortunately I have to temporarily suspend Mediumship readings for an undetermined amount of time. After doing mediumship readings, I've repeatedly found myself exhausted, completely drained. There's also a definite amount of emotional and physical heaviness that comes with doing mediumship readings. Afterall, someone loved has passed and the experience of loss, incompletion, and mourning are to be expected. In the grief of it all, people come back for a second reading and the agony, sadness, incompletion, and void returns. It's a lot to carry and a lot to psychically cleanse. 


Though I get a fair share of clients It means they've looked around for psychics, maybe even had a reading (or a few) from one or more other psychics, but they still want something more. So they use Google. My business keeps on coming up high on their online search results and they read the reviews, view my credentials (my media appearances), peruse my website... They visit my site but are still hesitant because, afterall, it's not just giving money to a psychic online, but a psychic one can't even meet face-to-face. Eventually they explore my website, then they book. Then, 88% come back for at least one more reading. Others come through recommendations. It starts with a friend, relative, or office worker who gets a reading first; they don't expect much but they are so satisfied that they rave about their reading, and following that suggestion, they book a reading too.



At least that's the background many of my clients share. You can imagine the challenges as a business.

When I started doing this job full time, Then 2020 happened. 


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Now, I have the privilege of doing all of the recipe-developing, photography and writing for this site as my full-time job.  

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