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Requirements for a Skype Reading

On any device:


  • A Skype account. Don't have one? Sign up on

  • NO CAMERA REQUIRED. This means I will not be on the camera to save bandwidth and I ask the same of you, please. You will see my screen with your astrology chart (for Tarot or Mediumship there's no screen share, it's audio only). 

  • Please send a connection request to me after you've paid to Skype ID: Kansas_City_Astrology_and_Tarot_LLC. If you don't send a invite to my Skype ID after you booked and paid, I'll phone you instead if you have a U.S. telephone number. My apologies, but I can't send a connection request to you due to so many duplicate IDs (due to Skype's popularity, chances are there's at least a dozen others out there with a name like yours using Skype!)

If using a computer:

  • A solid internet connection.

  • A speaker and mic, or a connected headset. (Some laptops have the speaker and mic built in, but most desktops do not.)

If using your smartphone or iPad:

  • A solid connection whether wi-fi or data.

Other important points:

  • If using your smartphone, the phone screen is small so seeing the details of your chart isn't ideal.

  • Your scheduled time starts from the moment we are on together, which includes greetings and closings - and any time used during the appointment that you use to set up or acquaint yourself with Skype. 

  • Please understand that I will not be able to extend for any time lost if your setup is not ready. 

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