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The One Way You're Likely To Rub People The Wrong Way, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Every zodiac sign has aspects about them that attract people. For instance, Earth signs are known for being grounded and practical. Air signs are known for their ability to communicate, Water signs are in-tune to their emotions, and Fire signs are known for their enthusiasm and passion for life. But since we're all human, we also have aspects of ourselves that could use a little work. According to an astrologer, it's just as important to know how your sign may rub someone the wrong way.

As astrologer Cindy Mckean, tells Bustle, astrology is a "complex study" of your birth chart. It can help help you understand your past, your insecurities, why you keep making the same choices in life and love, and what motivates you, among other things. Having this knowledge can help you become a better version of yourself.

Since there's only 12 signs and billions of people in the world, it's nice to know you're not the only one who's rubbing people the wrong way.With that said, you should never change yourself in order to be liked. People are going to form an opinion regardless of what you do. But it never hurts to know how you can improve. So here's how you're likely to rub people the wrong way, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries (March 21 - April 19):

Being A Little Too Energetic

Aries are used to being full of energy and the center of attention. In some cases, they may even rival their fellow Fire sign, Leo. "When an Aries wants to make a point, they can be loud," Mckean says. "So loud that some might perceive it as being obnoxious at worst, and unwelcome at the very least." The thing is, Aries genuinely don't realize they're rubbing people the wrong way. "Their intention isn't about disrupting your day, it's about wanting you tend to their immediate needs," she says. But if you can learn to recognize when you're being a little too much for some people, you should be fine. If someone close to you points it out — take it in stride. It may be able to help you communicate more effectively.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20):

Being Resistant To Change

Taureans are known for being solid, reliable, and generally predictable. You like your stability and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. "But when it comes to change, the amount of resistance they immediately display as their first reaction to something new can be off-putting only because it can be an unnecessary barrier to progress," Mckean says. It's challenging to get anyone to change if they don't want to. But in some cases, it's necessary. "To overcome their resistance, you have to appeal to the Taurean's common sense and practical intuition," she says. Test the waters a bit and slowly ease into new things. Tell yourself that change is important for growth and it's going to be good.


Gemini (May 21 - June 20):

Being Inconsistent

Geminis are Mercury-ruled, so they're naturally good at pitching and spin-doctoring. "They have the ability to make something hopeless look like the next best thing since sliced bread," Mckean says. You're good at talking things and people up, even if you don't actually believe it. Naturally, that inconsistency can get you into trouble if people find out. "Luckily, the consequences of their dualistic nature often doesn't create permanent damage and people get over it easily," she says. The good part is, you're a sign that learns from your mistakes. If you get caught being inconsistent once, you aren't likely to do it again.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22):

Being A Little Too Sensitive

Cancers are ruled by the Moon and are known to "change moods as often as the Moon changes phases," Mckean says. As a Water sign, you're naturally sensitive and empathetic, but that can rub people the wrong way if people don't know you too well. "Even though Cancers can keep their problems to themselves verbally, their non-verbal language can give them away when they're not happy," she says. "This is where people who ... aren't close to them to know them well enough have to proceed with caution." Sometimes you can't help the way you feel, and it's just in your nature to get emotional. "Cancers need to remember that ... people are attracted to their nurturing side and soft nature," Mckean says. "Whining, pouting, and other mood changes is not only uncomfortable, but can be off-putting." If you can find the best strategy for keeping your emotions in check, you should be fine.


Leo (July 23 - August 22):

Bringing Up Your Accomplishments A Little Too Much

Leos are ruled by the Sun, so you're full of vitality, confidence, and the ability to get things done. "While it's true that not everyone can get as much done as a Leo can and does with such ease, it's also true that not everyone wants to hear you go on and on about it," Mckean says. "A Leo can be the first to openly boast about how magnanimous they are." There's nothing wrong with owning your successes and chances are, you may not know how often you do it. But if you keep bringing things up, it may rub people the wrong way. They might think you're all about yourself, even if that's not true. In fact, Mckean says you're one of the most generous and forgiving signs in the zodiac. "Yes, they have a presence, but that doesn't need to be announced all the time," she says. "After all, a tiger doesn't need to announce its stripes." So be proud of everything you achieve. But be mindful of the reaction of those you're talking to. If it looks like they're tuning out, it's a sign that you should probably switch topics.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22):

Being Very Particular

"Virgos take pride in how particular they are," Mckean says. You like what you like, and you only choose the best. So why not be proud of that? But being too particular can rub people the wrong way. According to Mckean, that can come off a bit nit-picky and critical, especially for those close to you. "While you're excellent at self-monitoring, don't forget the importance of being mindful," she says. You may think you're doing your friend a favor by telling them something needs to be "fixed," but they may take it the wrong way. Paying close attention to how people react to what you say and do can help keep that in check.


Libra (September 23 - October 22):

Being Too Democratic

"While it's the Libran inclination to be fair, the facets of fairness a Libra can display can be extremely off-putting without them realizing it," Mckean says. Your sign is ruled by Venus, so you're naturally graceful and tactful. But since your scales represent your need for harmony and balance, you might do all you can to make that happen. That can be frustrating to some when making a decision takes you forever. "For a Libra, making a simple decision can turn into a democratic process that involves anyone they bump into," she says. "A 'vote' is not enough. They'll need to know why you voted the way you did because it's part of their decision-making process." Overcoming your indecisive nature won't be easy. But if you can learn to tune other people's opinions out and trust yourself, you'll find making decisions much easier.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21):

Wanting To Know Everything About Everyone

Knowledge to a Scorpio is important. But according to Mckean, sometimes that can turn a bit obsessive if others have the information or knowledge they don't. When you want to know something, you will put a ton of energy and focus into finding it out. "While it may feel normal for a Scorpio to get to the bottom of things, others may feel it's going too far," she says. You're someone who carefully chooses who's in your inner circle. In this case, your friends can help ground you. "A simple nudge and indication to a Scorpio is all it takes to get them back on track," Mckean says. So be sure to listen to them.


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21):

Being A Little Too Honest

Sagittarius is known for being the fun-loving and adventurous sign. "While integrity, truth, and being non-judgmental is extremely important to Sags, they have a tendency to overdo it," Mckean says. This may be entertaining for some. But for others, this can be pretty off-putting and can seem like you don't have a lot of tact. If you notice that people get hurt at your honesty, don't brush it off or minimize their feelings. That's one way to lose good friends without intending to.


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19):

Being Too Focused On Your Ambitions

Capricorns are hard workers. "They are among the hardest workers in the zodiac and can burn the candle at both ends for weeks to make major headway to their goals," Mckean says. Unfortunately, all that hard work and determination can be a turn off to those who want to have fun with you and get close to you. The best thing for you to do is make some time for the important people in your life. Working towards your goals is great, but don't let that be your entire life. Relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners also matter. Who knows? If you have more balance in your life, you may find more inspiration to do greater things.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18):

Being A Little Too Objective

Aquarians are great at being objective. "They are able to see things plainly and clearly where others get caught up in red herrings," Mckean says. But the problem with this is, life isn't all about cut-and-dry facts. Feelings are part of what makes us human, she says. Being very go with the flow and detached can work well for you and your lifestyle. But it can be off-putting to others if they want more from you. "Sometimes all an Aquarius needs is a friend to simply point out that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to people's reactions, feelings, and desires," she says. You look forward to growth, so you'll welcome the opportunity to change.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20):

Being Too In Your Head

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, so when life gets a little tough, your default is to escape in a dream world. "While it's healthy for them to escape through fantasy every now and then, living in an edited reality on a daily basis is not," Mckean says. You have the tendency to live in your head a bit and see life through rose-colored glasses. That's not a bad thing. It helps you stay positive. But it can be off-putting to some if you can't tackle the problems in reality. "A little patience and a lot of gentleness can help guide the Pisces back to being centered and grounded in the here and now," she says. Be sure to listen and don't take offense to what people are saying. They're just there to help.

Again, if any of these apply to you, it's nothing you really need to worry about. Nobody's perfect and you don't have to change yourself in order to be more likeable. We all have things about ourselves that could probably use some adjustments. If what turns people off about your sign is something you want to work on, go for it. If not, that's OK too.


*A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to the folks at Bustle Magazine, where this was originally published on August 23 2018. Kristine Fellizar, a writer at Bustle, who skillfully presented my contributions (and made them so much kinder). Kristine is an absolute delight to work with. Thank you again, Bustle!!!!!!


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