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Patrick Mahomes & Brittany Matthews’ Astrological Compatibility Is A Total Touchdown

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews
Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews (Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and personal trainer Brittany Matthews could run the marathon after doing cross fit and still have the energy to walk their two (very Insta-famous) dogs. From their resumés alone, this couple is clearly all about sports, fitness, and really going the distance. Of course, it's the year 2020, and what would a celebrity relationship be without a celestial rundown? Though it may come as little surprise that Patrick Mahomes & Brittany Matthews’ astrological compatibility is a total touchdown.

ICYMI, Mahomes' birthday is Sept. 17, and Matthews is Sept. 1, which means that they both are earth sign Virgos. According to astrologer Cindy Mckean of Kansas City Astrology, Virgos are known for being practical, adaptable, and creatures of habit.

"Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews [have been] together since high school and remain strong despite going to rival colleges, living in different states, pursuing different careers, and even being in different countries," Mckean tells Elite Daily. "They are singular and true in their relationship, in a true love bond that can't be broken. They bring out the best in each other."

With a love that's spanned time and geography, the stars have been in favor of Mahomes and Matthews' relationship.

Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes (James Devaney/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)
Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes (James Devaney/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

1. They are totally loyal.

Dedicated and dependable, when a Virgo falls in love, they're in for the long haul. As high school sweethearts, Mahomes and Matthews have already been together for a while. As Mckean shares, they are likely to stand the test of time. "If a Virgo falls in love with another Virgo, both can be assured that they will never love anyone else," Mckean says. "Infidelity is a foreign word in their relationship." Loyal and dependable, Mckean shares that a Virgo-Virgo relationship is all about honesty and commitment.

2. They encourage each other to grow.

Apart from being each other's biggest cheerleaders, Mahomes and Matthews are probably good at (lovingly) pointing out where there is room for improvement. "Virgos are known for their desire for perfection and need for personal growth," Linda Furiate, consulting astrologer and spiritual motivator, tells Elite Daily. "Often, this means calling each other out on a personal flaw. Their intention is to bring out the best in each other." As Furiate shares, Virgo's attention to detail and critical eye allows them to focus on small details. This earth sign has high expectations for themself and their partners and wants everyone to be living their best ( and hopefully Super Bowl-winning) lives.

3. They're supportive of each other's careers.

There are few things hardworking Virgo cares more about than doing their best. Of course, when "your best" means winning a Super Bowl championship, you're already on a whole new level. Lucky for Mahomes and Matthews (who, BTW, runs a super success fitness business of her own), their Virgo-Virgo relationship is all about support.

"When two Virgos get together, they will be in sync even if they are in different states," Mckean says. "They are both going to be understanding of each other's goals and support each other's career ambitions without getting in each other's way."

As Mckean shares, Virgos aren't just emotionally supportive of each other — they'll actively go out of their way to be there for their partners. "They will be able to seamlessly integrate each other's schedules for maximum benefit to them as a couple," Mckean says.

4. They're all about the little things.

As Mckean and Furiate both share, Virgos are all about the little things in life. Not ones for grand romantic gestures or huge gifts, this earth sign likes to keep it simple. "Virgo loves to help and serve, which may provide comfort and ease to their partner," Furiate says. "If this means running an errand, making dinner, or managing the details of an event, Virgos are there to support each other and show their love."

Observant and caring, Mckean adds that Virgos will notice your routines and find ways to help you out. "Whether it's watering your plants, making sure that you eat healthily, or checking your car tires before your commute, Virgos become quickly and keenly aware of your habits, preferences, and tendencies. They work with it to accommodate the ones they love," Mckean says.

From supporting each other's careers to encouraging each other to be their best selves, Mahomes and Matthews are a match made in Virgo heaven. Whether they're kicking butt at a new workout or planning their next major career moves, this pair is an automatic first down.


Cindy Mckean, Astrologer

Linda Furiate, Consulting astrologer and spiritual motivator

Written by: Griffin Wynne January 27, 2020. Original published article available at:


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