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Martin Shkreli: The Man Behind the Ginormous Drug Price Hikes.

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Mr. Martin Shkreli has been a prominent headliner this past week. He's the man responsible for price hikes of several drugs, most notably a life-saving medication which is used to treat patients with toxoplasmosis, some cancers, AIDS as well as a drug used to treat many children who have cystinuria, a complicated kidney disease.

I couldn't find a birth time for Mr. Shkreli but the rest of his birth info is available. Born on April 1, 1983 (yes, I know it could be tempting to insert an April Fool's remark there), he has an Aries (pioneering) Sun (leadership) at 11º was charged a few times with energy from Pluto (power plays) and Uranus (unexpectedness) in the last 5 years.

Indeed, he's had power and sudden changes of leadership in the last few years as well as having an uncanny knack to create new companies. With the supercharged Sun by Uranus and Pluto transits, it's no surprise that he's been head of the new companies he's founded, lost or left behind, only to sprout up again and again as head of new companies he's created.

If his Moon isn't at the early part of Sagittarius, it's in the very tail end of Scorpio. Either way, they're both within orb of an Aries Point (a prominent point of initiation). He has a stalwart conjunction between Pluto and Saturn and they both lie opposite his very prominent Mars sitting at home in Aries. These aspects suggest a militant, cogent, person with fervent zeal. In business, it's the mark of a man with a take-no-prisoners attitude.

It's quite intriguing that his Neptune (ruler of drugs, visions, and intangibles, among other things) is at a prominent degree (29 Sagittarius) and conjunct his South node (a part of the chart that among other things, indicates negative default patterns spilled over from childhood.) This also indicates that Mr. Shkreli was picked on quite a bit during childhood and adolescence. And now he's having his way. It's not vengeance, but it's just him being able to express his Pluto-Saturn-Mars aspects.

The Neptune placement also indicate a potential point of self-destruction (for so far, he's been successful in a number of other non-pharmaceutical business ventures) and it also hints at possible issues with his relationship with his mother.

Though his Saturn aspects would make him more strategic in his approach, it becomes overridden by his Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius. He'll dream big, not be afraid of risks, and take them as suddenly as they appear).

Add the transit aspects (today's sky composited on his natal chart) of what is happening to him and you'll see a man who's already on-fire as a baseline suddenly turn into an even more intense blazing inferno. This is indicated by Uranus making aspect to his Mercury in Aries. Transiting Neptune is squaring that aspect and that combination results in scandal related to ambitions with drugs.

So long that transit lasts, so long he'll continue to outrage the public with his drug pricing decision. It's interesting, for he's finally announced that he'll reduce the price of the drugs, but he hasn't stated a price. This only came after his response to the public, "People are pointing the finger at me, but I point it back at them, but not my index or my pinky."

We'll keep our eye on him...


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