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Happy Birthday, Virgo!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

​The Sun enters the sign of Virgo at 5:37 AM (CDT) on August 23, 2015. But typical fastidious Virgos would already know this. This is being sent a day early just for you!

Virgos typically like to be precise. That means leaving early to arrive on time (ok, even arriving early), just in case of delays. They really hate to be late and people being late for them - but they quickly forgive it.

People born under this sign sometimes get a bad rap as being sticks in the mud and perfectionists. Though mutable, (i.e. meaning one of the flexible signs), they are creatures of habit. Virgos simply believe that excellence is a requirement for a worthwhile, virtuous, and fulfilling existence.

In the Ancient Egyptian zodiac, the new year began in the constellation of Virgo, unlike modern astrology where it begins in Aries. This is because Virgo is the sign of the harvest when provisions are reaped. She's the maiden holding a shaft of wheat. It's the hard work put in during the spring & summer of planting the seeds & minding the crops that arises. It's also the hard work now that will pay off in the winter. The harvesting, the inventorying, the fastidious packing of foods is what gets everyone though to the spring (in Aries - hah!)

The identity that comes with Virgo is the sign of the virgin. It is not literal, but it really reflects modesty and discretion. So when everything's lined up (right time, right place), Virgos are generous and nurturing.

Virgos are compelled to be of service to others. For Virgos, caring for others is delivered in the form of finding workable solutions to everyday problems. They are practical and efficient in their approach whilst being able to focus on the mundane details that other signs might overlook.

Virgos are rather discriminating with who they associate with, so if you have one that counts you as a friend, you are special.

What does Sun in Virgo mean to YOU?

This is a time for shifting your focus onto details. "Spring" clean now so that you can make room for the bulky winter necessities that would keep you warm and cozy. It's an ideal time to get organized, communicate, facilitate, and help others.

This is also a great time to create new routines. Virgo is ruled by Mercury so this is a time to stretch and become more nimble. The Virgoan energy under Mercury would make it a great time review your nutrition and get a check up.

Do you have a friend or loved one who's a Virgo (Between Aug. 23 - Sep 22)? Or maybe you are a Virgo?

Why not schedule an appointment for an astrology reading to seek ways to make this upcoming birthday year as fulfilling as possible. Astrology readings for Virgos will be 25% off while the sun is in that sign. Readings last around 60 - 90 minutes and include a 30 minute follow up reading 3 months after your initial reading. Visit my Astrology page for more information.

Ciao for now!


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