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Cosby, Cocktails, and Scandal

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

In the mundane chart, the Sun and Saturn were conjunct Tuesday (Nov. 18, 2014) while the Sun was still in trine with Chiron. And this is when Janice Dickinson came out and shared her ordeal to add to the dozens of women who have accused Bill Cosby or rape.

Of all the women so far who spoke out, Janice, got the most attention. Even though her ordeal was shared in a cold and somewhat restricted manner (she couldn't remember anything - and she shared that she wasn't allowed to say anything before), she nonetheless wanted to lend a helping hand, and a healing outlet, if possible, for victims of sexual assault, esp. those of Bill Cosby's.

Interestingly, one of the T-squares in Janice's chart (Sun in Aquarius 26, Pluto in Leo 25, Saturn in Scorpio 21) has just been activated by a transiting Saturn (25 Scorpio) pretty much making an exact square to her natal Sun and Pluto.

Another interesting point, the synastry between Janice's and Bill Cosby's natal chart shows her Venus conjunct his M.C. at 11 Capricorn. In the mundane sky, Neptune was squaring Bill's Venus at Gemini. Mundane Pluto in retrograde and direct motion in the past couple of years, has been wading in back and forth transit in Bill's chart over his MC - for the 5th time since 2013 in his chart! This makes sense. Afterall, with Pluto being such an intense planet and the MC being your prominence in the world, the new book published about him - a biography, a new sitcom in the works, interviews with powerhouses like Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman, a well-paying headlining gig in Vegas.

With an aspect like that, I can't imagine Pluto, which among other things rules sex, the underworld, and secrets, being able to keep secrets much longer, esp. when other aspects come into play. I wouldn't be surprised with Janice speaking out is enough to push the arrow on the fame scale away from popular and closer to notorious. But Bill Cosby always seems to come out on top.

In Bill's chart for next year, transiting Uranus will be making aspects to Bill's Ascendant in Aries and Sun in Cancer. He might be able to reinvent himself just yet. With a Grand Trine (Earth) in his natal chart - Virgo Moon, Taurus Uranus, Capricorn MC, it could very well be that both Bill and his career come out from the social beatings unscathed. We shall see. Pluto has a way of finding it's path to collect when payment isn't submitted.

The point is not to get you lost in astrology, but to point out that when life happens - big or small - there is almost always a corresponding astrological occurrence that can mark it. This is why getting to know your own natal chart is powerful. You know where to find me ;-)


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