What to Expect During Your Reading:


You will also benefit from reading the Reading Tips page. 




Before all calls (phone or video):

  • An appointment must be booked. You can see my availabilities through the online scheduler. If a date is open, feel free to book it, you don't need to check with me first. 

  • Before a reading, payment must be submitted. It can take as long as 15 minutes for PayPal payment notifications to reach me. 

  • Have your questions, names, birth dates ready about other people you think you might ask about. See "Tips for Questions" for more information.

  • Time allotted includes my introduction and closing (typically 1-3 minutes with Hellos and Goodbyes). Time starts when the phone or video call starts. 


Beginning of all phone or video readings:

  • I'll call you up on the dot, or within 5 minutes after the scheduled time, provided payment was sent. 

  • I'll introduce myself as "Cindy Mckean" and ask for you by your first name (I don't mention I'm from Kansas City Astrology & Tarot for privacy reasons - just in case someone else answers your phone or wires get crossed.) 

  • I'll ask you how you found me, why you chose me over the others (BTW - if you'd like, you can email me that info after you've made an appointment so you have more time for your reading.)


Tarot readings

  • I'll ask you what your questions are, what it is you're seeking to know about. Being prepared with questions is requested. See second bullet under "Tips for Questions" to see why.

  • At that point, tell me your questions, what it is you're seeking to know more about, and share what you feel like sharing. Specific questions will render specific answers. General questions will render very brief and general answers. 

  • Right before I start to shuffle, I'll ask you if you're ready for the truth. This is the last step before I engage in reading. Whether you say yes or no will permit (or not) how much detail I can get from the ethers. Please make sure you're honest with yourself and me about whether or not you truly are ready for the truth. If the truth is brutal, I deliver it with softness and tact.

  • I'll choose a layout according to your question, shuffle more, choose cards, then proceed with the reading. Often, I let you know what I'm doing (shuffling, choosing, etc.) and what cards come up.

  • I may or may not ask a question or two for clarification. I don't want you to feed me information but I would like you to validate that what I'm reading makes sense to you (often it doesn't make sense to me!) 

  • Some readings go up to the last minute. Some readings have a few minutes to go. If there's time, I'll choose a few more cards to see if there's a final message out there for you. Keep in mind that for most readings, time flies by quickly. It's better to ask questions before the end of the reading. Due to time constraints, I won't be able to accommodate last minute questions.

  • I close the reading, and the reading is fully yours. You own it. Blessings, love, and light!



Astrology readings:

  • If you have any questions, you can state them upfront or wait until the natal portion reading of your chart is finished (about 15 minutes in). I might ask you if you have any areas of your life that you want me to focus on (finance, career, health, home, etc). Generally, I just start with the reading and when I get to transits I can see where you'll have questions according to planetary activity in your chart. If you'd like, feel free to ask questions anytime during your reading too.

  • If it's your first time getting an astrology reading with me, I start with the basics of the chart, move on to your natal chart (your character and tendencies), then transits (predictions). If I've touched your natal chart before, I'll go into the transits and your questions.

  • If you're already an established client, I go straight to the transits. 





  • Before your reading I'll ask what you're seeking so I know which charts to use (for example, a fan chart, round chart, body chart, etc.)

  • I sometimes mix in a few Tarot cards with Dowsing for better insight. If this is something you don't want, don't feel shy to be voice that to me.



Combination Astrology/Tarot reading:

  • I start with the Astrology reading then move onto the Tarot (see above for details).




  • Please remember to "invite" your loved one to the appointment at least a day before your appointment. 

  • I will ask you who it is you're trying to connect with (their name and their connection to you (spouse, parent, etc.) 

  • When it's your first reading, I'm a stranger between you two, there is sometimes some hesitation or shyness for your loved one to speak openly the first minute or so. Sometimes the opposite happens and they are already present a couple minutes before I phone and they can't stop talking!

  • In all my time doing mediumship, I've found almost all of them to be happier in death than in life. If I observe suffering, I'll keep it to myself unless you ask. 

  • Often, the deceased no longer look the same as they did in real life. Many times older people look younger and healthier. Generally, they present themselves as they were before life took a major turn. This turn could have been years or hours before death or illness. Whatever image they present of themselves will undoubtedly be recognizable or at least familiar to you anyway.

  • Have questions ready - or don't. It's ok to communicate anyway you like for Mediumship readings. 

  • During the reading, your loved one can hear what you have to say or ask. 

  • Occasionally they bring one or more persons with them. They are sometimes people you don't know. If you don't know them, I don't attempt to communicate. If you do know them, I connect.

  • Ideally, invite one person at a time per reading or limit it to two people. Please do not "invite" a whole family or large groups as it confuses who steps forward. 

  • Sorry, I don't do passwords, secrets, or "what object of theirs am I holding in my hand". 

Star hexagon psychic eye



So long you're open to the truth, the information will come to me like turning on a TV in a foreign language, which I translate to you. I don't mince words, so it won't sound like gibberish to you.


The two main abilities that I use most are being able to "hear" (clairaudient) and "see" (clairvoyant) messages. Sometimes I "feel" the messages (clairsentient). 


When I hear the information, it's "sounds" very much like when you recall a conversation in your head. Same for seeing information. For feeling information, I get a vibe; I can physically feel who or what I'm connecting with.


When I receive the information, sometimes it doesn't make sense to me but I'll try to explain it. One example of that: I was hearing a message to pass along that was logical but made no sense to me. I ignored it because I was focused on other things that were coming in for the client's reading. The voice got louder and I continued to ignore it. Then I was "shown" horrific imagery of a greyish tabby near fire. I could not shake it out of my head and I was getting the message, "TELL HIM! TELL HIM!" So I shared with the client, "Look, this makes no sense to me but I'm being interrupted with a nagging message I'm supposed to tell you, "Don't bring fire near cats." He chirped up immediately, "My wife's last name is "Katz". We're drawing plans to build a new house. I've included a mock fireplace but she's dead set against it."


I must have sounded confused because he asked if it made sense to me. I shared that I was also getting imagery of a grey striped tabby. He chirped again, "Yes! My wife [Ms. Katz} has salt & pepper hair!" I said, "The cat was so afraid of the fire even though it wasn't close enough and the fire was tame but the cat was terrified. It was a horrific feeling." His wife has a phobia of the house burning down from carelessness due to any type of flame so she doesn't allow any sort of fire in or near the house - no candles, no gas stove, no cigarettes, no charcoal barbeque, and definitely no fire place, mock or not.


I was very happy he had an open mind and understood the message - then again, whatever was transmitting the message in the ethers knew he'd understand immediately. 


So, if I don't mention that you're wearing red underwear in a reading, it might be a little too close to the truth (seriously, unless you were open to me knowing those kinds of details, it would not "come in"). I'm not a mind reader, I do not play guessing games, & I'm not paid to have my accuracy tested. That's not what you're spending money on anyway, is it?

In the end, I'm only human; if I knew everything, I'd be God. I can only interpret what I understand. Given that I've lived in a multitude of countries and cultures, and have the benefit of a rigid education, I tend to understand a bit more than the average person and I'm most certainly open to anything new whether I understand it or not.


Having said that, check out the comic strip below. Sometimes this is how it works when the universe wills it this way.

Blessings, love, and light!


Blessings, love, and light!


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