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‘Dear God’ How Kansas Citians Use Spirituality To Ease Pandemic Stress

Thank you to "The Filter" a podcast that examines under-reported cultural issues in the Kansas City area. Special thanks to Ieshia Downton and Vicky Díaz-Camacho, the hosts. I'm about 12 minutes and 12 seconds in. A trimmed version is available on my homepage and media page.


The podcast is The Filter's 3rd episode. From The Filter's web page:

Some people go on runs to cope with stress. Some tackle home projects. And others pray or meditate. 

That got us thinking. What does spirituality mean to people right now? Some research suggests that religion and spirituality have positive effects on mental health and sense of well-being.

But we wanted to hear from real people. In this episode, we talk to guests in three different spiritual practices: Orthodox Christianity, Astrology and Islam. 

They discuss the role of religion in social justice, the power of positive thinking and how learning a new language can forge a deeper connection with faith.

We have three guests in this episode. Joshua Loller is a lecturer in the religious studies department at the University of Kansas, as well as a priest of an Orthodox Christian church in Lawrence, Kansas. Cindy McKean is an astrologist and tarot card reader. And Mahnaz Shabbir is an entrepreneur and practicing Muslim.

Enjoy this episode of “The Filter.” Feedback is always welcome.

To listen to the full podcast, and to explore more about this wonderful new podcast, The Filter, please visit their webpage at:


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