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5 Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely To Cheat And Hide It

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*Pre-note: A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to the folks at Bustle Magazine, where this was originally published on May 31, 2018. Kristine Fellizar, a writer at Bustle, who skillfully combined the contributions of myself and another professional Astrologer. Kristine is an absolute delight to work with. Thank you again, Bustle!!!!!!

Unfortunately cheating happens more often than any of us would like, and identifying a cheater early on isn't as easy as you would think. But if you are looking for some guidance in this area, astrology could help you out. According to astrologers, some zodiac signs are more likely to cheat than others, and some will even put the effort in to hide it.

"We all have our needs in a relationship, but for a fair share of people, faithfulness is their highest priority," astrologer Cindy Mckean tells Bustle. "Since we can't help who we fall in love with, sometimes we fall in love with people that are prone to being unfaithful."

In the zodiac, there are three "main modalities," or ways in which characteristics are experienced, expressed, or approached that you should be aware of. Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) are ones that like to take intiative. Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) like to keep the status quo, and mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) tend to be very adaptable.

Because of this, fixed signs are much more likely to stay faithful than everyone else. "These are signs that generally do not like change. One of their main roles in their existence is stability," Mckean says. "That's not to say that all of them will only be faithful — we're all subject to the complex nature of being human — but there's a much higher chance of fixed signs being faithful than other signs."

Although some signs are more likely to stay faithful than others, not every person who falls under a certain sign is destined to be unfaithful. But if you are looking to use the Zodiac as a guide, here are the signs most likely to cheat and hide it.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries is a Mars ruled sign. Mars is the planet of action, aggression and sexuality. With that said, Aries is the sign that's most likely to cheat without thinking. According to Tripp, their impulses and desires can get in the way of their best judgement. "Aries also have short attention spans and romantic partners that were once new and exciting may seem dull leading them to the next person that catches their attention," she says.

When it comes to hiding an affair, they will try but they will also have a hard time doing so. "They tend to be too hasty and impatient, which can cause mistakes to be made," Tripp says. They won't outright admit to cheating without being prompted, but if confronted, they will be direct about it.


Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Among all the signs of the zodiac, Gemini might be most likely to cheat. After all, they are symbolized by the duality of the Twins, so there are at least two sides of their personality that you need to be aware of. According to Mckean, Geminis need variety, freedom, and flexibility in their lives in order to be happy. "They are the social butterflies of the zodiac so mingling or chatting with people they meet throughout their day fulfills their desire to communicate and socialize," she says. Geminis tend to have doubles of everything (sometimes multiples), and that doesn't stop at material objects. "The reason for the duplication is because they want to satisfy both the emotional and the mental facets of their desires," Mckean says. Sometimes, that may involve exploring several relationships at the same time. But to a Gemini, this may not count as cheating. "Being the wordsmiths they are, they tend to have a much looser definition of what being loyal means," she says.

Although they never intend to cheat, sometimes it just happens. When it does, Geminis will find a way to talk around it. "Gemini are very clever and would find ways to hide their cheating from their partner," astrologer Amy Tripp, tells Bustle. "If caught, they are more likely to tell you what you want to hear, but don't be surprised if they do it again." Of course, this isn't the case for every Gemini, but just something to take note of.


Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Despite being another chatty social creature, Libras are natural lovers and pacifists, Mckean says. They're symbolized by scales, so balance is super important to them and having a good relationship is part of that. If a Libra cheats, it's because they're seeking to fulfill what they feel they're not getting from their partner in the relationship. They will feel horribly guilty about cheating, but in order to keep the peace, they will do their best to hide it from you. "Libras aren't as clandestine as Scorpio or Pisces, and they're not as quick as a Gemini, so often it's their own actions that are witnessed in broad daylight by friends that tend to give away their affair," Mckean says.

Once they're confronted by their partner, they will initially try to deny it. But once they're cornered, they will be honest. "Take comfort in the fact that they will be authentic with you and you'll understand that they genuinely didn't intend to cheat," she says. "As long you keep your Libra fulfilled, you will have a faithful partner."


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

"In truth, Scorpio is one of the most faithful of all the signs; however, if they cheat, they are likely to hide it," Mckean says. That's because keeping secrets is in a Scorpio's very nature. But when it comes to cheating in a relationship, she says, there's often a much deeper reason behind why a Scorpio will wander. Although there's never a good excuse for cheating, a typical loyal Scorpio will decide to cheat due to deep emotional wounds or disconnect. Some Scorpios may even enjoy the risks of a "clandestine romance because they get a thrill from keeping such a scandal a deep secret," Mckean says.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which is the planet of what’s mysterious and hidden. So when it comes to hiding an affair, Scorpios might be the most skilled at it. According to Tripp, they might be "highly secretive and controlling" about what is made public about them and they will take extra measures to cover their tracks.

The good news is, Scorpios do value loyalty in their relationships. So in the event that they get caught cheating, they probably won't do it again. "Usually Scorpio goes through some sort of crisis situation but comes out of it completely changed and renewed like a phoenix rising from the ashes," Tripp says. "This is why they're the sign of total transformation."


Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces, like Gemini and Libra, is another sign of duality. As you can see, they are symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. "They are intrigued by polarities so they tend to be magnetized by what is opposite to the relationship they are in," Mckean says. "Wearing rose-colored glasses, the grass always looks more lush on the other side, as they have delusional and escapist tendencies when the going gets rough."

When it comes to keeping secrets, Pisces are very good at it. "They simply feel it's not their business to share anyone else's business, including their own," she says. Although a Pisces will enjoy their affair, they don't take joy in cheating. If they're unhappy in their current situation, they tend to give into their fantasies and will get swept up into an affair. Since they don't like conflict, they will try to hide it as much as they can. The good news is, cheating isn't in their nature. As long as you are a gentle and empathetic partner, Mckean says, your Pisces will be faithful.

If you're dating any of the above "cheater signs," you don't have to worry. Just because they're known for cheating, it doesn't mean your partner is going to cheat eventually. So many other factors go into whether or not a person will cheat. When it comes to astrology, some people may have other aspects in their birth chart that can possibly counteract the cheater effect of their Sun sign. But at the end of the day, anyone is capable of cheating. It doesn't matter which zodiac sign you are. Gemini, Scorpio, Libra, Pisces, and Aries are just the select few who are more likely to do it and will try to hide it.

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