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Tips for Phone and Skype Readings:


A lot of people ask me how I can make a connection on the phone or Skype for a reading. I do it the same way I make a connection with a person you ask about who's not in the room and never met. In other words: I tap into the frequency you give me permission to read that's relevant to you. It's similar to how a radio taps into a frequency. Just like a radio, I don't read your mind, nor can I (believe me, neither of us will like that). Tapping into the frequency to read information about you is not the same as reading your energy. It's an action of accessing a specific amount of information pertaining to your questions separate from the energy you bring to the reading. That way, the information is more objective and less influenced by any energy you bring into your questions.


Most of my repeat clients find my phone and Skype readings more accurate than in-person readings because there are less distractions. Another thing that helps immensely with phone and Skype readings is that people are usually alone for them. The reason that helps a lot is because of the privacy afforded. I've found most people are more open to hearing their story when no one else is around to hear it. When I can be open with you, the reading doesn't come out stunted. It's free to grow and blossom naturally, openly, and beautifully! Besides, you get slightly more time during a phone or Skype reading than you would in-person. That's because there's no time used on getting situated after coming in, in putting your purse and cellular away, on which cards you want to pick, etc... The few minutes saved are that many more minutes towards your reading. Some people gain up to 10 minutes that way! You'll be amazed at how much I can read about your situation because I don't cold-read.

For phone or Skype readings, I have 3 simple requests:

  • Please try to be in a quiet environment. Kids wailing, dogs barking, horns honking, keyboard clicks, blaring TV, ice clinking in your cup, celery crunching between teeth... You get the idea. They all ruin the flow and act like static interference with any connection I get. I understand there are some things you can't stop from happening like a child's demands or your dog reacting to a squirrel he sees on the other side of the window. But for heaven's sake, don't munch on chips during your call. Don't carelessly empty your dishwasher during your call... Aaaah, now that's clarity that ultimately works for you!

  • Be honest, especially for Tarot readings. Honest questions render honest answers. As for astrology - be ready - the truth is written squarely in your chart! Honesty also means being honest with yourself: ask yourself if you are honestly ready to hear the truth. Some truths are hard truths. I'm not saying that being ready for the truth equates to you inviting doom and gloom to the reading. I simply mean that you ask yourself whether you're ready to hear the answer, even if it's not what you're hoping to hear. With that, it's important that you're in a neutral mindset.

  • Be ready with questions about specific topics you'd like to know more about. Life is big. Even those with the most routine of lives and with those who purposefully live as neutral a life as possible, there's a lot of events that happen in life. The volume of what topic I can tap into is wide, but how is it relevant to you if you ask me to "just tell me what you see"? Frankly, you're wasting your money and time if you do that.

Know that I don't judge. It's a favorable Neptune-Jupiter trait I have. I understand that people are people. Whatever it may be is your life. Some situation(s), circumstance(s), or choice(s) brought you there for a reason. It's not my place to judge and I certainly don't ruminate on it. Furthermore, judgement is useless noise that really gets in the way of clarity. 


I don't lecture you about what you should be doing in your life - ever. It's your life, thus it's your choices. I'm here to read the info you want to know about, but never tell you what decision to make.


Having said that, there are a few other things that you can do to optimize your phone reading. These aren't exhaustive tips and they certainly aren't One Size Fits All. Ultimately, I want you to do what's comfortable for you!


Tips for Questions:

  • Have your questions prepared in advance - your initial set of questions at least. I understand as the reading progresses more questions might pop up. Feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like within the time you've booked. I don't ever mind if you stop me to ask questions; I never feel like it's an interruption.

  • Remember - general questions lead to general answers. Specific questions lead to specific answers. Let me reiterate: having specific questions is very important. General questions like, "Tell me about my love life," or, "I just want to know what you see," are general questions.  I'm a psychic, but not a mind reader. As a psychic, I can tap into the ethers for information, but I cannot tap into your head. Please keep that in mind (no pun intended!)

    Imagine this scenario as a comparison: You tell me you want to listen to the radio. I ask you what you want to hear and you tell me, "Whatever." That could be anything! A talk show, Christian radio, music - all sorts of music: country, rock and roll, pop - and yes, even just static... If I tuned into something that comes in clear but doesn't resonate with you, whatever you hear won't be worth much, if anything.

    BUT, if you told me, "I'd really like to hear indie/news talk/weather/traffic/insert noun," then I'd know what to tune into and if it resonates with you, I'd fine tune as much as I can. 

    Just like a radio can't read your mind, I can't do a mind meld and pick out questions from your head. (Besides, a mind meld is very unpleasant for both of us.) Because life has a huge volume of information, please, have questions prepared. 


  • Yes/No Questions will be rephrased to allow for more information.

  • If you have questions about other people, have their full names (first, middle, last) ready as well as their birth date (MM/DD/YYYY). Do not share them with me unless I ask. Usually I ask for a first name and a birth date, but I may ask you to write it down when we are about to answer a question about that person. If you do write it down, it is better when written on paper. If it's written on a digital device, it's harder for me to tap into their frequency, or I may miss it altogether. Do not write it down until I ask. If you have it written down before the reading, have a pen and paper ready to write it again when I ask for it. The reason I do this is for the process of fine-tuning into their frequency. Understand that accuracy counts. If you have only a partial birth date, missed a middle name, or the wrong birthdate or name spelling, the information may be off.

    Sometimes you might not know a person's birth date or middle name - for instance, you might not know this information about your boss. In that case, have your boss's full name, title, and business name. This information should not be in lieu of a birthdate, it's simply a secondary alternative.

    Side note for readings about on someone you know online but haven't met in-person yet. Please don't ask. They are some of the most contorted answers I get.

    Also, please understand that this reading is about YOU. Only pure relevant information from a third party will come through about you. Sure, whether or not someone wants to end a relationship with you is relevant, but if that person is blocking the information, or if it's a fleeting thought, it will not surface. This is a universal law of outcomes and a universal right of privacy. This may seem like a bummer, but it's one of the biggest blessings in life. Imagine how much quality time you'd lose if your focus was on an imminent ending, or if someone was able to tap into your private business. But I digress. Back to the reading tips...


  • Asking the same question in different ways is still asking the same question. Try not to repeat the same question as it deranges the answers. If the answer is, "Yes," to "Did he stop loving me?" stop asking it 10 different ways - UNLESS your intention is to pay me to lie to you or repeatedly tell you the same thing you don't want to hear.

  • If you get a second reading about the same topic, please understand that the second reading supersedes the first reading. I don't mean it cancels out the first reading, I mean it's more relevant.

    Think of it like a lab test. For example, if you get a Blood Chemistry done today then get a second one a month later, the second Blood Chemistry lab finding is the one that the doctor will base your diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment (if applicable) on.  It does not make the first Blood Chemistry irrelevant; the second lab test is simply the more current and relevant one. 


  • It's extremely important that you're in a neutral mindset. No one wants to hear bad news, but if you want better accuracy, it's better to clear your thoughts before your reading. In other words, it's very important that you're not hoping for a certain answer (and unconsciously sending that thought out), otherwise it will sully, eclipse, or modify the messages coming in. It's a slight nuance from being ready for the truth, but in the same vein.

    For example, if you're getting a reading to ask about a relationship that's on the rocks and you're hoping that the reading will render a positive answer and that's ALL you can think about, then the reading will definitely be sullied. This is especially true for Tarot. Thoughts have wings (this is a very big part of the Law of Attraction). Unfortunately, the size of wings those thoughts render are enough to flip over the wrong card, but often not enough to change your circumstances.

    One way to make it easier to clear your thoughts is to decide whether you want to use your time and money to be glad-handed or for accuracy. Don't worry: whenever the truth is brutal, I soften it, meaning, there are nice ways to deliver unfavored news. 


  • Be situated (seated or standing) in a comfortable place before your reading.



Questions I do not answer:

  • Death: unless it's a missing persons case.

  • Divorce: unless you're already in the process.

  • Unnecessary meddlesome questions. It's one thing to ask about how someone feels about you, but another thing to ask if your lover's spouse is having an affair because you want something to use against them.

Questions advised not to ask:

  • Test questions. This is different from "diagnostic" questions. Test questions are done with the aim to see how accurate I am. Diagnostic questions establish placement. Read my reviews and shop around before you book with me. If you decide I'm the right one for you, have faith in your decision. 

  • Sometimes I get questions that have no standing. For example, a person might ask, "Will I marry a Korean", but they are not going to Korea, nor do they have a Korean partner or any interest in anything Korean. Sometimes the reason is as simple as a soothsayer at a carnival told them random things that they seriously hold on to. But if you really need to know, I'll look into it.




  • If you're getting a Tarot reading, please understand that it's one of the worst reading tools to determine timing. Put it this way: it's like seventy times worse than a sun dial for timing. 

    Ok, perhaps that's a wee exaggeration but it certainly is not better than a sun dial. If timing (i.e. when something will happen) is important to you, you may want to consider an astrology reading instead. For certain questions, I've been able to get down to the exact hour of when the ideal time is for a certain action, event, or result with astrology.


  • A Tarot reading is best for the short term, generally up to a year. I can see a little further by tapping in but then the current relevant information can get dissolved because as the reading gets "lost" in the future. Please try to keep your questions for events within a year.

    Part of the reason information is limited to the near future has to do with immediate relevance. Another reason is because information is often meant to come out in steps. For example, when going to school, you know you're supposed to go through grades K-12 as an overview, but the curriculum of each year isn't given to you all in kindergarten. Even if it was, some of it may not make sense or matter. Finally, I'm human and so are you. Can you describe in detail the facial features of a stranger 1 mile distance from you? No. Same for me being able to see the details of a situation or circumstance many years ahead. I can certainly see what is coming, but as it gets closer the information gets richer and more detailed. 

    Some examples of what I mean about long-term questions: Is it urgent to find out if your children will have good careers but your oldest is only 3? Is there a burning need to know how many grandchildren you'll have but you're only 24 without any children of your own yet?  

    If you really (I mean really) need to know, I'll read that for you but the way I see it, you've invested a specific dollar amount, so aim for quality. Sometimes information from your far future comes into the reading anyway without you prompting for the answer. If it's really important, it will present itself without you asking :-)


  • Your allotted is your allotted time. Thirty minutes does not mean thirty two minutes. One hour does not mean one hour and four minutes. There may be people scheduled after you and it isn't fair to make them wait.

  • Quality is about content, not about amount. Your allotted time includes greetings, closings, and the time it takes for me to shuffle and pull cards, animate an astrology chart, or simply to tap in. 

  • I almost always call on the dot. If the scheduled time has come and the phone isn't ringing, wait 5 minutes. I will call you. I sometimes get delayed with back-to-back readings but not so much that it goes beyond 5 minutes. Hence, it is important to stay within your allotted time ;-)


After your reading:

  • Your reading is yours. You own it. Cherish it, ignore it, brag about it, hide it - it's absolutely yours!

  • Keep an open mind. Just because what I said doesn't make sense to you now, doesn't mean it won't happen. 

  • After your reading, I rarely remember it! Even if I just read for you a week ago, I might remember bits and pieces but I never remember every detail. Often people tell me what I said to them in a reading and my reaction is often surprise because I seriously have no recall whatsoever of saying that. It's because you own your reading, not me.

  • With that said, I won't be able to respond to follow up questions. A follow up would require a new reading. It would be like asking me to pick up, from memory, from the middle of the last paragraph I read in a book. I wouldn't be able to do it. I'd need the book. Holding onto every memory of every reading from every client would be like having all the radio stations, tv stations, and satellite channels on at the same time and making notes that can be easily referred to at a moment's notice. It just won't happen. Furthermore, I do a "psychic dump" after each reading with you so I can be clear for the next reading. 

  • Enjoy life! Know that your fate is in your hands. Some things can't be changed but how you cope with them can. For example, if you know to expect rain and you don't want to get wet, it's in your power to be prepared with an umbrella! That's what I mean about your fate being in your hands. 

  • Some information is blocked by God, the Macrobes, the Universe, however you define the Higher Power. This is because, there is the absolute certain danger that your knowledge of your personal future will change the course of actions and ultimately the destination. Furthermore, this applies to all of us: there is some soul growth to go through that you wouldn't have the benefit of if you got information from beyond the horizon ahead of time. This is not my cop out. If we all knew everything about our futures, life might end up dismal, grey, boring, unappreciated... 

I hope these tips help. No matter what, if you ever have any questions before you get a reading, feel free to contact me anytime!



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